How to put your best emojis on TikTok easily? – iPhone and Android

As everyone already knows, TikTok is a social network that went viral in 2020 during the pandemic, in which short videos of people dancing, telling jokes, cooking, even business ventures are posted.

How to Put Your Best Emojis on TikTok in an Easy Way? – iPhone and Android

Now, many use emojis to give life to their videos, but they don’t know how to place them in their videos, for this reason today I am going to show you how you can place these emojis in your videos, so come on!

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  1. What are the most used emojis depending on the content?
  2. How to use the codes for emojis on TikTok?
  3. How to insert different emojis in your TikTok videos?
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    2. while recording

What are the most used emojis depending on the content?

As we already know, emojis represent the feelings that people want to convey, therefore, by placing these emojis within the videos, we express through them how we feel at that moment. Since many times, these are also used to cover some defect or face of the person behind the screen.

Now, for TikTok, the emojis have different meanings, since, depending on the context of the video, these take shape, that is,  the slightly more intimate or romantic videos are generally always accompanied by love faces or little hearts. In order to make them feel excited and in love at the moment they made the video.

Now, the most used emojis in this social network are those where people can express what they feel, such as crying, angry, happy, embarrassed, surprised emojis, among others, which I know are adapting to your content. depending on the feeling or expression you want to convey.

In turn, these emojis on many occasions, as they are so viralized, can help you appear on your behalf, and thus achieve more views of your videos.

How to use the codes for emojis on TikTok?

TikTok handles a series of hidden emojis, which you cannot use from the keyboard , but with secret codes, which are used to give the videos a fun touch.

Now, if you don’t know how to use these codes , don’t worry, stay seated and comfortable, and I’ll give you the steps to achieve this.

First of all, before you start, you should know that to be able to do these codes ,  you don’t have to have your TikTok account closed , it must be active. After this, you enter either from the application or web page, and record the video you want to upload, then when you go to write its description, they will use the following codes with their respective brackets.

happy, [angry] – angry, [cry] – sad, [embarrassed] – embarrassed, [surprised] – astonished, [wronged] – confused [shout] – slap, [flushed] – flushed, [yummy] – rich , [complacent] – difficult, [drool] – drool, [scream] – yell, [weep] – crying, [speechless] funny, [laughwithtears] – laugh until you cry, [wicked] – malevolent, [facewithrollingeyes] – face with white eyes, [sulk] – enraged, [thinking] – think, [lovely] – agile, [wow] – woof (from surprise), [joyful] – cheerful, [hehe] – hehe (laughter,), [slap ] – slap, [tears] – stunned, [cute] – sweet, [blink] – wink, [astonish] – stunned, [rage] – anger, [cool] – breeze, very interesting, [excited] – excitement, [proud] – pride, [smileface] – smiling face, [evil] – bad, [angel] – little angel, [laugh] – long laugh, [pride] – dignified, [nap] – sleep, [loveface] – love face ,[shock] – scared, [happy] – very happy, [angry] – angry, [lovely] – loving, [smile] – smile, happy]- – quiet, [funnyface] – loving, [greedy] – tears , [stun]

How to insert different emojis in your TikTok videos?

In TikTok there is a large list of different emojis that you can accompany with fantastic effects to insert into your content, since they are easy to insert, since it is not a process in which you must be an expert on the subject, because even a child can do it, for this reason we are going to give you the step by step of how to insert these emojis.


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