How to put the time in your Instagram stories

Instagram is a social network that allows you to perform a large number of functions and this makes it very versatile. And among them we can mention the fact that you can put your favorite song to a photo , something that you cannot achieve with other platforms. But now we will show you a trick with which you will be able to put the time in your Instagram stories .

The truth is that one of the great attractions of this famous social network is undoubtedly the Instagram stories . Which allows not only that you customize them to your liking, it is also possible to upload several photos in the same story . In this way you will be able to tell the world how you feel or what you want to convey at a certain moment without saying a word.

But now it surprises us again with the inclusion of a Sticker in the shape of a clock and with it you will be able to put the time in your stories. This sticker is available to be used in the mobile version of the App, so don’t worry about which device you use. Be it Android or iOS, here we will show you what to do to put the time in your Instagram stories and in different formats .

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  1. How can you access the Stickers of Instagram stories?
    1. In the Android app
    2. From the iPhone app
  2. How can you put the exact time of your Instagram stories?
    1. How can the format be changed?

How can you access the Stickers of Instagram stories?

Today it is very important that you know all the news that the Instagram App offers us and thus get the most out of it. And if you want to know how to access the Stickers of Instagram stories from your smartphone.

You just have to follow the steps that we will indicate here, depending on the operating system you use. But remember that the App also allows you to create your own Stickers for your Instagram Stories .

In the Android app

We will start with users who use the Android operating system and click on the Instagram App icon. Then we must log into our account , once inside you must click on your profile photo so that you have access to the camera. This of course so that you can take the photo that you will upload in your story , you can also choose to upload an image from the gallery.

The next step is to look in the upper menu for the icon in the form of a happy face, this icon will give you access to the Stickers. When you click on it, all the stickers available and that you can use in your Instagram stories will be displayed .

From the iPhone app

In the case that you use an iPhone smartphone, you will proceed in a similar way, this because you will work directly from the Instagram application. Therefore, the first step will be to enter the platform and start your session . Then, you must search the gallery or take the photo that you will use in your story.

The next step will be to find and select the happy face icon, once you press it, you will have all the Stickers that you can use on the screen . And in this simple and fast way you will be able to give your personal touch to your Instagram stories.

How can you put the exact time of your Instagram stories?

Let’s see now what you should do so that you can put the exact time in your Instagram stories . And as a first step, enter the App and being on the main screen, you must find and click on the camera icon that you will find in the left corner. Now simply take a photo or record a video, also if you wish you can enter the gallery of your mobile.

Once you have the photo or video that you will use in your story, click on the happy face icon, as you know it is at the top of the screen. In the list of Stickers that will be displayed on the screen, you must find and select the time icon . Now you just have to drag and drop it in the place of your preference in your Instagram story.

How can the format be changed?

Now you know how to put the Time Sticker in your story, but if you want you can change its appearance or format . To do this, once you choose the time sticker and place it in your story, click on the icon, it will change from the current digital format to the analog format. Also if you want you can enlarge or reduce its size.

All this procedure must be done before publishing your story, apart from setting the clock with the exact time. You can add other effects to your publication, once it is finished just go to the option ‘Your story’ and in this way it will be published with the changes made in it. And in this simple way you have learned how to put the time in your Instagram stories with different formats.

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