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Instagram cannot boast of a large number of stickers in its application, however, the quality and their effectiveness outweigh the quantity. Today we will figure out how to add time to Instagram history, what should be taken into account when using this function, and also what to do if there is a need to change the data.

It’s important to know

Before starting the instructions, it is worth noting one important detail. Adding time only works when shooting new stories. This means that, if desired, it will not work to supplement the already published material. Below we list some workarounds, they do not completely solve the problem, but they can help in a number of cases.

How to put time in history

In fact, there is practically no difference between the two versions of the application for different mobile operating systems, however, some little things often confuse new users.


  1. Open the application by tapping on the Instagram icon from the main menu of the smartphone. Then we switch to the mode of shooting a new story.
  2. We shoot a suitable video or simply prepare a post with text and pictures. It doesn’t matter to use the Timesticker .
  3. Now notice the smiling face icon in the rectangle on the top bar.
  4. This is where it becomes possible to add a time stamp. All that remains is to place it in the most convenient place on the screen and share the resulting material with subscribers or close friends.


  1. Tap on the plus icon on the history panel.
  2. We take the necessary picture or publication.
  3. Click on the sticker icon in the upper right corner.
  4. The time sticker is located here and looks like an indication of the current hour and minute.

How to add time to old photos

The system assigns certain information to each image on the phone, including the indication of the time when the shooting was made. Fortunately, this limitation is easy enough to outwit.

The easiest way is to take a screenshot of the desired image. The operating system will count the new “Photo” as fresh content and set the appropriate label. If for some reason the method did not work, there are many programs in the Play Market with the ability to delete such data.

How to change the time in history

Unfortunately, the application algorithm is “linked” to the internal clock of the operating system and receives information from there. Fortunately, this defect can be easily fixed using a third-party application. Of course, the method is not comfortable and has a number of drawbacks, but there are no other ways to solve the problem.

  1. Any photo editing application will do the trick. We use PhotoStamp Camera as an example
  2. The application has a meager set of parameters, but it is quite enough for specifying the time. Once on the main screen, click on the gear icon.
  3. Next, you need to select the first item called ” Date Format“.
  4. Here, pay attention to the line ” Create custom time format“.
  5. We indicate the preferred date and time.
  6. The last step is to take a photo and use it as the basis for your stories.

Now you know how to add time to Instagram stories, as well as what to consider when applying this sticker. It is often necessary to use certain tools in the design of a new story, but try to keep this thin line, between their adequate use and the senseless piling of information on top of the main photo or video.

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