How to put password to an Excel file?

The way in which we work today with spreadsheets, graphs and data has been completely facilitated thanks to the infinity of technological tools at our disposal to optimize all these processes . In particular, through the Microsoft 365 suite of office tools , which are the most popular, efficient and easy to use today.

Especially through the application for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the main tool for the analysis of numerical and alphanumeric data to optimize performance in business tasks from functions such as creating or making a calendar in Excel for your notes , with the objective of staying organized with respect to all kinds of tasks.

In the same way, with Microsoft Excel you can guarantee a large part of the success of a company by ordering all kinds of information with all kinds of graphics, where it is even possible to make or create a barcode in Excel to keep track of product inventory and your specific information , so that it is possible to carry out a market analysis without professional help.

And these are not the only options that Microsoft Excel has to offer completely free of charge to carry all kinds of controls in a company or business , in the same way you can make an income and expenses control sheet in Excel with templates , with the objective of automating all the internal processes of a business to prevent errors.

Taking into account the infinity of tools and formulas that Microsoft Excel has, the use of it is essential to progress within work environments and to be able to start your own businesses taking advantage of all the available tools to save money in the process.

With that in mind, here at Discover How To Do It we offer you all kinds of tutorials so you can continue to learn new Excel functions and use them in creative ways to improve your personal skills. For that reason, with today’s article we will teach you how to protect Excel files with a password.


  • Importance of password protecting Excel files
  • How to put password to an Excel file?

Importance of password protecting Excel files

Taking into account that the vast majority of documents made in an Excel spreadsheet are delicate and complex processes, which take time for everything to be perfect in a structured way within cells and tables, on many occasions it is necessary to protect these documents external users.

Especially if you have personal information inside a spreadsheet and you want to deny access to it, or you just don’t want other users to be able to modify it. Excel has different options to protect these documents, with passwords for the document in general, or to block specific data from it.

In the same way, Excel also has the option of placing more than one password for each spreadsheet in particular, so that it is completely safe by several capable of protection.

This option is particularly essential within work environments with respect to important company documents whose modification could cause significant damage, as well as in educational environments with respect to grade notes.

How to put password to an Excel file?

To put a password to the document completely to protect personal or confidential information from external elements, you only have to open the Excel file> File> Information> Protect workbook> Encrypt with password, then you must enter the password and click OK, and go back to do the same thing again to finish the process.

While on the other hand, if what you are interested in is protecting the structure of a file in Excel so that no one can modify or add spreadsheets , you should go to the Review window> Protect book> Enter password and click on accept to save the changes.

Additionally, it is also possible to password protect the data in the spreadsheet so that no one can modify the cells or data in it. Just enter the Review window > Protect sheet> Enter password , click accept and re-enter the password.


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