How to put a password on a folder

Apart from Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption , there are 3 ways to hide directories from prying eyes. You can use a batch file, archiver or prog-blocker.

How to put a password on a folder in Windows 7

The seventh Windows is still installed on many computers, although free support for the system from Microsoft has already been discontinued. Some people who work with the “7” offer solutions based on the use of bat files. Scripts convert the secret folder to the hidden folder, and unauthorized users do not see the password-protected data. Protection, of course, is weak, but in order to hide information from the eyes of curious household members, it will do quite well. So, the algorithm is as follows, how to put a freshly invented password on a Windows 7 folder using a script:

  1. Let’s create, for example, a folder on the desktop.
  2. In the resulting directory, we sculpt a Notepad document, it should have the * .txt extension.
  3. Copy the contents of the script into Notepad ( Instead of 111, you can enter your password in the file. Close, save.
  4. Change the file type from notepad txt to bat. The name can be left the same – “New text document”. It is convenient to use Total Commander to change the extension.
  5. Run the batch file (batch file). The Katalog folder appears next to it. We transfer into it the bytes that need to be password protected.
  6. Run the batch file for the second time. Instead of Katalog, a hidden Privatno folder is created that users cannot see. Only the batch file remains in sight. When you try to start it, a window appears asking for a password. After entering it, the reverse operation is started: Privatno is renamed to the visible Katalog.
  7. Have you used password-protected files? We click back on the batch file and the secret folder again becomes hidden.

The finished batch file can be downloaded from here (–R1oEZoXD84Q/view).

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How to put a password on a folder in Windows 10 and Windows 8

The “eight” and “ten” in terms of password protection of folders differ little from the “seven”. Microsoft does not offer any simple and convenient solution in this regard even in modern versions of Windows. For this reason, it is necessary to consider solutions designed to protect against “dummies”. How to put a password on a folder in Windows 8 and 10? The script proposed in the previous section of the article for the seventh Windows comes to the rescue. The technology of its use is exactly the same. Create a directory in the explorer, in it a text file, into which you copy the script, etc.

There are several options for password protection scripts on the Internet. Their differences are minimized: some ask for confirmation before starting work, text messages may be different. However, the principle of operation in any case is to assign a hidden category to a folder.

Windows encryption is also worth mentioning in passing . BitLocker technology is suitable for the case when different users work on the same PC and log on to it from their accounts. After encrypting a folder, nothing changes for its owner: he uses it, as usual, without a password. And other users, after logging in from their accounts, cannot see the contents of files in the encrypted directory. OS encryption is available only in Windows versions, starting with professional ones. Systems with the HOME prefix do not have this functionality.

How to create a password archive

The easiest way to password-protect a secret folder is to use an archiver. Archivers are programs for data compression. When terabyte hard drives appeared , the issue of data compression faded into the background. However, software designed primarily for archiving today helps in limiting access. As an example of using the archiver program, we will give the unfading utility WinRAR. Usage algorithm:

  1. Right-click on the secret directory and click “Add to archive” in the context menu.
  2. Select the archive format. Depending on the checkbox, a rar directory or a zip directory will be drawn.
  3. Click “Create continuous archive”.
  4. Click “Set Password”. Enter it, click on the “Encrypt file names” mark.
  5. Nail down the source directory.

After this simple procedure, a password-protected archive will appear next to the source directory. Disadvantages of using archivers:

  • gigabyte folders are archived / unzipped slowly;
  • operations of adding / deleting / editing files are possible, but it is easier to work with ordinary directories, since the computer does not need to unpack / compress files.

You can also create archives with a password with other programs, for example, 7-Zip or WinZip.

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How to password protect a folder using special programs

Software developers pack blocking solutions into nice interface shells. When choosing this kind of program, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Locking reliability. In this regard, at a decent level, the developers offer, along with trial versions, paid software with advanced functionality.
  2. The cost of the software, the availability of a free version.
  3. The presence of the Russian interface.
  4. User reviews.

Read on for a summary of 6 popular blocking programs.


The first folder blocker in the review is a program that works on the principle of the batch file discussed above. It does not archive or encrypt anything. It just hides the folders – puts them in the hidden category. The utility is installed in a couple of clicks, by default it has an English interface, but it’s easy to figure it out. After the first launch, the utility prompts you to enter a password that will be needed for subsequent launches of the program. When the app is launched, the user can do 3 operations in the main tab:

  • hide the selected folder,
  • unblock it,
  • change Password.

The program is convenient because it shows a list of blocked directories. However, a person who is at least a little versed in software will easily bypass such protection. You can, for example, go to Total Commander and see locked folders there. Files in them can be easily opened and edited without any passwords. You can also see the locked folder using Explorer, if you specify in the settings that you want to show hidden directories and files.

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Wise Folder Hide

This product is offered by WiseCleaner, a company that has been developing software for Windows users for over 15 years. From the developers of WiseCleaner you can download free programs and their more advanced versions, designed for people who are ready to pay for software . Benefits of the program:

  • Modern Russian interface. You can hide the directory by dragging and dropping it into the utility window.
  • Hiding folders in a couple of clicks using the context menu.
  • Availability of a portable version.
  • Protection of flash drives.
  • Two-level password protection.
  • Simplified technology for processing hidden information (no need to unlock and lock folders every time).

The main functionality is laid down not only in the paid, but also in the free version:

  Is free for $ 20
Double passwords + +
Hide files and directories + +
Hide USB stick + +
Encrypt files and directories up to 50 Mb unlimited
Password auto recovery +
Auto update +
Premium tech support +

The 50 MB limit for encryption is not scary for users who are looking for how to put a clever password on a folder with text information and screenshots of documents. But video and a large number of photos cannot be encrypted for free.

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Anvide Seal Folder

Be careful when installing ASF: do not forget to uncheck the unchecked software that is not related to the topic. These can be Yandex elements, etc. In the main window of the utility there is only the name of the program and the panel of icons. When you move the mouse pointer over them, the button values ​​are highlighted.

When you click on the leftmost icon, the program prompts you to enter the password that you need to start the software. Use the “+” button to add folders. With a closed lock we password, open – we transfer the directory to the category of available ones. You can put your own password for each daddy, an alternative option is one secret combination of symbols for all directories. Locked folders become invisible.

The program has 3 levels of protection:

  • Hide folders.
  • At this level, file name encryption is added.
  • Here, the first KB of file content is also encrypted.

The current protection level can be viewed in the settings. You should not rely on encryption by the program: the developer uses a primitive algorithm that is not difficult to crack.

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Hide folders

The program’s installer weighs about 5 MB. The utility is downloaded and installed in a few minutes. To make it easier to manage the interface, at the beginning of the installation we select the Russian language. There are square icons at the top of the program window to select tabs. The most popular of them is called “List”, with its help users hide folders. By clicking on the corresponding icon on the top panel, you can set the master password.

To protect the secret folder in the “List”, click the “Add” button. A window for adding an object opens immediately. In it you need to select a folder and specify the level of protection:

  • hide,
  • block,
  • hide and block,
  • assign the attribute “Read Only”.

Making folders visible again is easy. We go to the “List”. Right-click on the desired folder and select “Do not protect”. You can also delete a directory in the “List” that you decided not to hide anymore.

Hide Folders hides folders pretty well. Hidden directories are not visible in Total Commander. However, protection from a little-known developer raises certain doubts. A data security professional will be able to crack such protection.

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IoBit Protected Folder

IObit programmers offer a shareware product with a simple interface and nice design. The application window is stylized as a safe. The utility is quick to install and easy to use. After the first launch, the program prompts you to create a password for it. After that, you can start adding objects to hide. You can hide files, folders, logical drives. Unblocking is as easy as blocking. Everything in one click. In the upper part of the window there are settings, the most interesting section of which is “Blocking options”. It has 3 parameters:

  • hide the object;
  • block reading, launching, copying;
  • block record, move, delete, change.

The user chooses the level of protection at his own discretion.

The IoBit program is a good way to make a folder with a password, as you can see that the product is being taken seriously. The utility can be installed for free, and the commercial version costs about $ 8.

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Folder Lock

A simple program with an English interface, reliably hiding secret information. The technology of using the software is standard: after the first launch, enter the password for the utility. To block the object, open the ADD menu. We select the item, which means that we will add a folder. In the window that appears, specify the path to the directory that we are going to hide. The folder becomes locked (hidden). To make the directory appear in the explorer again, click Unlock. The utility reliably hides information, Total Commander will not help the curious.

Additional program features:

  • password protection of information located on a USB flash drive or optical disk;
  • hiding data in the cloud;
  • permanent destruction of files.

Unfortunately, the utility is designed for users willing to pay $ 40. You can download it for free, but the trial version is designed for only 20 launches.

When using blocking programs, you need to be careful, especially if you have opted for an attachment that does not apply to the software described above. Ransomware is sometimes disguised as adequate blockers. They hide directories, and then offer the user to pay to unblock them. It is also important not to lose the password for the program.

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