How to put and play GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox and PC?

Grand Theft Auto V has a fairly advanced story mode compared to previous editions and full of tasks to do. With each step, it is inevitable not to think about the end of it. However, GTA V offers a whole open world in its online version. You only have to know how to put and play GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox and PC depending on what you have at home.

The online version offers a striking and charming alternative. Mainly for those who either easily overcome the default story mode or simply want to interact with all the extensions that Rockstar Game launches from time to time (to fully enjoy all of them you have to join, register, and log in to the social club ).

Main step to put and play GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox and PC

First you should know that this version was originally released for PS3 and Xbox 360, but with the passing of the days everything changed. With the arrival of PS4 and Xbox One, the launch of the new update for those consoles was totally immediate . Adding an extra one that would be used for computers or PCs.

To put and play GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox and PC, you must have a bandwidth greater than or equal to 4 Mb / s . A good internet connection ensures a better probability of success in terms of the enjoyment of the game (if you are a PC user you should also know what minimum and recommended requirements do I need to play GTA 5?)

In the case of the PS4, unlike its predecessor, you need to be subscribed to “Playstation Plus ” to be able to access the game’s online service. First of all, you must create your profile or account in the Rockstar Social Club, saving it in your ” cloud “. That way, you can move from one platform to another in case you decide to switch devices.


Enter the story mode, finish the first mission with Franklin Clinton and when it is completed, press the “Change character” button to continue with the process. In all consoles and even the PC works in the same way, so once the previous step is done, select the profile that you created previously.

The game has memory, since once you enter the online mode , the next time you do it it will be even easier. Because the option will be available in the main menu of the game without having to go through the story mode once more.

How to correctly play GTA V Online?

Putting and playing GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox and PC is simple, you just have to have a correct notion to avoid being the object of annoyance. To start, you must create your character taking into account 3 essential parts: heredity, lifestyle and appearance.

Choosing the inheritance will influence the finish of your character, since it takes into account the genealogy, so to speak, starting from the grandparents. With the lifestyle, you will have to distribute a series of points between the skills that you like your character to have.

Appearance encompasses the remaining details of the character, from age to hair color or even hair type. Assign a name and then press “Save and continue ” to finish the character creation process.

Complete the tutorial mission to get to the third or fourth level and thus avoid getting stuck on the first step. Open your phone and choose from the job lists another series of missions to continue advancing in the game. You can also enter ” Menu “, select ” Jobs ” and try your luck with the one that most catches your attention.


Buy garages or storage properties to start an import or export business. Get money going to races, joining an organization or collecting loot from level 12. You can also be a policeman or taxi driver in GTA 5 . And in turn you can even buy houses and properties.

The important thing is that after learning how to put and play GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox or PC. The decision of how to carry the character is yours, so go ahead and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way.


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