How to put an underscore with the Mac keyboard?

If you are new to using Apple devices and it is difficult for you to use these devices, it must be because you are used to the keyboards that come with Windows computers or the Windows system itself. Don’t worry, here we show you how to put an underscore on a Mac keyboard .

You will see that it is nothing to write home about and that despite the fact that both operating systems and keyboards are very different, you can do it easily and simply , you just have to follow the ‘language settings’ and you will be writing like a pro, from your new Mac keyboard, with nothing and no one to stop you, not even a tiny underscore, then keep reading with us and let us guide you.

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  1. How to put an underscore on Mac using the keyboard?
    1. In Spanish ISO
    2. From a Spanish keyboard
    3. On an American or British English keyboard
  2. What is the alternative to putting an underscore when the keyboard does not work?

How to put an underscore on Mac using the keyboard?

There is a very simple way to place an underscore on your Mac keyboard , let’s say it’s the traditional one, the easiest to learn and do. To do this, place your hands on the keyboard and you are going to use the following combination Shift + your underscore key, you will see on the screen that the underscore will easily be placed, an option without much struggle, but you can also do it in other ways. Remember that Mac has many functions, ranging from printing documents to setting the language of your keyboard.

In Spanish ISO

It may be that after being linked to the Windows keyboard for a long time, we get complicated when having to use a Mac keyboard, since  Mac is totally unlinked to Windows and its functions are different , even something as simple as an underscore or even in the creation of shortcuts . So do not feel bad, if you can not do it the first time, keep in mind that this character is only found in the Spanish language, that is why if you have your keyboard encoded in English, you must follow these steps.

From a Spanish keyboard

To place the underscore on a keyboard, you must first know that the Spanish keyboard does allow it and has it incorporated unlike other languages, that is why this technique will be easier for you, since it is the first and the simplest.

You just have to press the “Shift” key found on your Mac keyboard at the bottom left of the keyboard, this is represented by an arrow pointing up, and at the same time you are going to press the ‘underscore (_ ) ‘ this you will find in the lower right, and this way this punctuation mark will automatically appear.

On an American or British English keyboard

When you have a keyboard that is in English or a language other than Spanish, you have to set the underscore character on the keyboard to Spanish. You must follow the following steps, first go to the menu and you must select ‘system preference’, after you have done it you have to go to the entry where it says ‘Languages ​​and Text’ and there you will select the language ‘Spanish’, finished to do that you will type the following command ‘Shift +?’

You should know that the ‘?’ It is located right next to the ‘Shift’ key and this key is located on the right side of the keyboard.

What is the alternative to putting an underscore when the keyboard does not work?

We already saw that there are several techniques and alternatives for when you cannot place the ‘underscore’ character on your Mac, but what can you do if none have worked for you? We must use a different technique, since the character is not found within the Mac language, this technique that you are going to use is the following:

You go to start and type the following command on your keyboard ‘ Shift + Shift + Option + underscore key ‘ when you have finished doing it go to the characters box, you do this by pressing on the ‘Edit’ menu and then followed by ‘characters specials’, after that you are going to select where it says’ punctuation ‘and you are going to choose the character’ underscore ‘, you have to insert it in your preferences so you can use it as many times as you want and need. And voila, now you can put an underscore from the keyboard of your Mac computer .

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