How to put ‘underscore’ with your keyboard on a Mac?

The keyboard shortcuts in both Windows and macOS are important to know, since we can waste a lot of time if we do not know how to insert a certain sign. And this is the case of the ‘underscore’, which although it can be seen on the keyboard, it is not possible to enter it directly and then we will teach you how to put the underscore from the keyboard of a Mac .

widely used sign today is the ‘underscore’ , which we can see in web addresses, usernames or emails. Therefore, it is necessary that you know how to enter this symbol from your personal PC. But remember that you must take into account certain aspects, such as the type of keyboard you are using.

In Mac computers there are no major differences with respect to Windows to enter the underscore on the screen. And you will see how easy it is to do it, as well as how to turn off a Mac PC with the keyboard . So let’s see then what steps we must follow to insert the underscore sign from the keyboard on a Mac.

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  1. What is the way to get the ‘underscore’ on a Mac keyboard?
    1. In Spanish ISO
    2. From a keyboard with British or US English
  2. Where can I copy and paste the ‘underscore’ whenever required?
  3. What alternative do you have if your keyboard doesn’t specifically serve that part?
    1. On-screen keyboard
    2. Characters map

What is the way to get the ‘underscore’ on a Mac keyboard?

It is very easy to get the underscore sign from the keyboard of a Mac and one of the most direct ways you have is through the use of key combinations. In this case you must press and hold down the Shift key, you will place it on the sides of the alphabetic keyboard. Which is represented with an arrow symbol pointing upwards.

In Spanish ISO

Now once you press the Shift key on your keyboard you must press the ‘-‘ key, this key can have a different position on the keyboard. And this will depend on the language in which the keyboard you are using is written. In the case that you use a Spanish ISO keyboard , the ‘-‘ key will be located on the left side of the Shift key that is on the right side of the keyboard.

From a keyboard with British or US English

Now if you use a British or United States English keyboard, the ‘-‘ key is located in another area. And you will be able to see the symbol right next to the number ‘0’ at the top of the keyboard. Where the numerical zone of the same is located , remember that you must hold down the Shift key and then this key so that the ‘underscore’ is displayed.

Where can I copy and paste the ‘underscore’ whenever required?

The fastest and easiest way to find a symbol that you need to include in a document that you are writing from your Mac is undoubtedly from a web page, from there you can search for the ‘underscore’ and copy it , and then paste it in place that you prefer. As simple and uncomplicated as we would do when taking a screenshot from Mac .

What alternative do you have if your keyboard doesn’t specifically serve that part?

It is possible that for strange reasons the physical keyboard does not work and you feel unable to include the underscore in this way. Well don’t worry, Mac computers have an accessibility feature that will allow you to include this character or any other from the screen .

On-screen keyboard

To have access to the virtual keyboard that Mac offers us, you will need to follow these simple steps. First you must go to the upper left corner where you will find the apple icon and click to show the menu options.

The next step is to select the ‘System Preferences’ option, then choose the ‘Accessibility’ option and then ‘Keyboard’. The next step is to find and select the ‘Enable Accessibility Keyboard’ box to activate it. In this way, every time you press the ‘Shift + -‘ key, the underscore icon will be displayed on the screen .

Characters map

Another way that you can use in the case that the previous ones do not allow you to write the underscore is through the ‘ Character Map’ . In it you will not only be able to get the underscore, but also a large number of special signs and symbols.

To access the ‘Character Map’ you must use the keyboard shortcuts and in our case you must press the Ctrl + Cmd + Space keys. This action will show the map on the screen, now you just have to find the underscore and double click on it to add it to the text.

To exit the map, just press the Esc key and that is how easy you can include any other symbol that you cannot do directly from the keyboard. Like for example writing the copyright symbol on Mac .

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