How to put a heart of fire with an iPhone in your conversations?

The technological market has advanced generating new forms of communication, and more and more people use electronic media and social networks to connect, so they use new ways to do so by using emojis replacing words with symbols and expressing a feeling or particular emotion .

Just like the heart on fire emoji. If you want to know how to add it on a mobile with iOS, do not depart from the article.

How to Put a Heart of Fire with an iPhone in your Conversations?

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  1. In what versions of iOS is the flaming heart emoji found?
  2. What is the way to add a flaming heart on an iOS mobile?
    1. With the ‘face’ icon on the keyboard
    2. Pasting it from the clipboard
  3. How to set a shortcut for flaming heart from your iPhone?
    1. Entering ‘most used emojis’
  4. Why doesn’t the heart on fire appear on my iPhone?

In what versions of iOS is the flaming heart emoji found?

Emoticons are widely used in virtual conversations to express various feelings, one in particular is Heart of Fire. And you can use it on your iOS device, only if you have the iPhone beta version 14.5 and on IpadOS 14.5. If you don’t have these versions, we suggest you update your iPhone to find the flaming heart emoji.

What is the way to add a flaming heart on an iOS mobile?

In your conversations you can incorporate the flaming heart emoji to give it greater expressiveness or show your emotions intensely. If you still don’t know how to add it, we will tell you some ways you can do it, easy and simple.

With the ‘face’ icon on the keyboard

If you have an iOS 14.5 version device then the flaming heart emoji will surely appear in the emoticon options. And to add it to your conversations using the face icon on the keyboard, you just have to write the message and in the space where you want to add emoticons and stickers, press on the face icon.

Once this action is finished, you will see the different emoticons that are available for your device, you are located in the hearts section and click on the Heart on fire and that’s it, you will have added that emoji to your conversation.

Pasting it from the clipboard

If within the private and group chats you received a message with this emoji, then you can use it to use and share it.

You just have to enter the chat where you received it, click on it, they will display several options from which you select Copy. Then you go to the new chat where you will paste the copied emoji , open the text box, click on it and you will see the Paste option and that easy you can add this flaming heart emoji.

Another copy and paste option is to download Justmoji from the emoticon pages, select the emoji in question and then paste it into the message you want to send. If you put these suggestions into practice, you can use this emoji in your messages.

How to set a shortcut for flaming heart from your iPhone?

But the ways indicated above are not the only ones to add the flaming heart , as there is another way or shortcut to obtain this emoji and use it in your conversations from your iPhone. Next we will give you the details about it.

Entering ‘most used emojis’

Something you should keep in mind is that every time you use an emoji it will appear in the most used ones, so it will not be necessary to enter the heart icon to find the flaming fire one, but from the most used ones that are generally represented with the clock icon.

Fortunately, iPhones have within their function that section of favorites or most used where you can add the emojis that you tend to use more. And so stay on the keyboard, and when writing a text you can use this emoji.

Why doesn’t the heart on fire appear on my iPhone?

This is probably because your device is out of date, so we suggest you update your iPhone version to the latest ones like 14.5 so that you can find that new emoticon that has become popular. But it can also happen that you have that fire heart emoji disabled in the keyboard settings of your device.

To solve this situation, open the settings of your device, locate the General section and in it you must select the Keyboards option. Next, click on Add new emoji where you can choose the emoji you want and add it.


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