How to play my music from the cloud with Groove and OneDrive

For several years now, Microsoft has been adding new features to its Windows 10 operating system and one of the most used services is OneDrive , the cloud storage application.

Although many people prefer to look for alternative applications to the native ones of Windows 10, the truth is that it is an advantage to have them due to their excellent integration and compatibility. Today we will show you how you can play your music from the cloud with Groove and OneDrive.

There is more to talk about the advantages of storing your files, including your music, in the cloud, on the one hand you will not have to worry about the storage space on your device, and on the other, it will no longer be necessary to download the file to use it You can even stream your music from different devices without taking up space on them. Learn how to do it by following the simple steps that we will explain below.

How do I store my music on OneDrive?

The first thing you need to do before you can play music from the cloud with Groove is upload your music files to the appropriate folder on OneDrive. To do this, sign in to OneDrive or access it from the navigation panel in Windows 10 File Explorer, if it is already synced to your Microsoft account. Inside, locate the folder «Music», if there is no folder with that name you can create it, but remember to name it «Music» .

Now you’re ready to save all your songs to OneDrive, just copy or cut and paste all your songs from your local storage to the OneDrive “Music” folder and wait for them to load.

One point to keep in mind is that free OneDrive storage is limited to 15 GB , although if you subscribe to Office 360 ​​you can expand this space to 1 TB, or you can also free up space in OneDrive if you wish.

The next step is to check your OneDrive settings to make sure the folder containing your music files is being synced correctly.

To do this, go to the Windows 10 taskbar and right-click on the OneDrive icon (a small cloud), click on “Settings” and then on “Accounts.” Make sure the box next to the “Music” folder is checked and click “Ok”, you will now be able to play your music from Groove.

How do I play music stored on OneDrive with Groove?

Already having your song folder in the cloud, now you can play your music from the cloud using Groove on your devices synchronized to the same Microsoft account . Just open the application, which is available for PC, Android and iOS, and in the “Songs” option, choose the “On OneDrive” option in the filter. And ready! you can listen to your music in streaming and create playlists from the cloud and your storage in OneDrive.

Unfortunately, this option is available only to computers that still have Groove installed, as its support was discontinued in 2019 . But, don’t worry, you still have many other options to play your music stored in the cloud, and here we tell you about some.

Other options for playing music from the cloud

If you can no longer use Groove to stream your music stored on OneDrive, don’t think you no longer have output, there are other options you can use to accomplish the same task. There are even applications that are compatible with different cloud storage services.

  • Sonca : is an application available in the Microsoft Store that will allow you to listen to streaming music on your Windows 10 device. Not only will you be able to synchronize the music stored on OneDrive but also on Google Drive and Dropbox, it is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • CloudBeats – A free app for Android and iOS that you can sync with your music stored on OneDrive in just a few steps.

Also, you can use other streaming music services like Spotify or Play Music and store your music on them. Don’t miss out on listening to your favorite songs and your favorite playlists and use OneDrive or other cloud storage services to sync your music and listen to it on different devices easily.


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