How to play cricket

Cricket is a fast moving sport. You must have known about cricket that this is the game. Which is being liked the most in the world. There are the most fans of this sport, but in such a situation, it is important to know first that you know about cricket or are just crazy about cricket. If we are right and you want to know about cricket and want to learn. But do not panic if you cannot find a way. We are with you, we will teach you how cricket is played and will tell you every basic way of cricket which is necessary to play cricket.


The game of cricket has changed many times so far, it is said about the game of cricket that in the beginning only two players were seen on the cricket field. One used to bat and the other bowled. The game of cricket used to be in the form of boxing only, but later changes came from time to time and the game of cricket changed.

Let’s know how cricket is played, how to play cricket

1. Setting UP

1.1 Collect important things (Important things for Cricket)

1.2 Information about the cricket ground

1.3 Information about the crease on the peach (Cricket Pitch)

1.1 Collect important things (Important things for Cricket)

When we used to play cricket in childhood, first of all we needed bat ball and stump for it. In the same way, to play cricket, we need some important things like stumps and bells which are some pieces of wood which are made by adding wickets. Which would be the most important thing in cricket, and the most important thing you know is bat and ball. To play you also have a uniform which represents your team and on which the country is also representative along with writing the player’s number.

Also, the wicketkeeper is allowed to wear web bed meats, shin guards and helmets for safety like a baseball catcher. No other player present on the field is given such equipment.

Cricket Bat – Cricket bat is made from many different types of wood, right now the best wood which is being considered is willow wood. The wood found in Kashmir in India is also said to be good for cricket bats and it also makes bats. To choose the bat first, you have to think about what kind of ball you are going to play. If you are playing with leather ball then you will need a good bed and if you are playing with normal Cosco ball then you can start playing cricket by sitting normal.

Cricket Ball –   Before starting the game of cricket you have to select the ball. What kind of ball you want to play is up to you. If you want to play night cricket then you will need white leather ball. If you want to play during the day, then you can also start with the red ball. If you want to play normal street cricket then you can get to play cricket with Cosco’s ball as well.

Cricket Stumps – In the game of cricket you will need stumps on both sides of the pitch. Today many types of stumps have come in the market. You can also choose light stumps and if you are playing cricket at the initial level then you will need normal stumps. Stums made of three wooden structures are put together on top of which the bails are placed.

Cricket shoes – Two types of shoes are required in the game of cricket. The first way shoes are used by batsmen, below which you must have seen that there are spikes. While running over the pitchan, it helps the batsman to make a grip. Other types of shoes use bowlers and filters and spikes are not used inside them.

Cricket pads – In the game of cricket, safety has to be taken care of and that is why the batsman is seen tying the pads above the feet. If you want to start playing cricket, then you will also need a pad in batting first, the way a wicketkeeper is seen tying pads on the field as a batsman.

Cricket Guards – There are several types of guards required in the game of cricket. Guard is placed above the hands, above the belly, above the feet, above the thighs, and above the sensitive limb in male cricket, which protects the batsman from the ball.

Cricket Helmet – In the game of cricket, a batsman has to wear a helmet to protect his head and face and now it is being used in the game of cricket with much safety. If you want to start a cricket game then you will need a cricket helmet.

Cricket Dress – In the game of cricket, both teams require dress. The team is recognized on the basis of the dress. If you are starting cricket, then you can start with the white cricket dress.


1.2 Information about the cricket ground

It is most important to know about the cricket field. The game of cricket is played in a large oval field. In the center of the field is a rectangular shape called a pitch. Which is clearly marked from all around. The cricket ground is 22 yards long and 10 feet wide. According to the rules of cricket, it is not necessary for a cricket field to be rectangular, but it is usually oval. Other types of attractive grounds are also present.

1.3 Information about crease on Peach (Cricket Pitch Information in hindi)

There are mainly three types of creases .. Know all well …

a.                 Bowling crease

b.                 Popping crease and

c.                  Return crease


a.                 Bowling crease 

This is the crease which is the line between which the stumps are placed, this line is made at each end of the pitch so that three stumps are placed on it at the end of the pitch in a set of stumps. The length of each bowling crease should be 8 feet 8 inches which should be centered on the middle stump. With this, the bowling is completed at one return crease in both the crease.


b.     Popping crease

This crease is important, it determines whether the batsman is in place or not and it is also used to determine the no ball of the front foot, it is made at each end of the pitch in front of both sets of stumps. And the popping crease should be 4 feet in front of the bowling crease and parallel to it, yet its length is considered unlimited.


c.      Return crease

Return creases are the necessary lines within which the bowler throws the ball within the boundary. These are drawn at each end of each set of stumps on either side of the pitch and the return crease is positioned perpendicular to the popping crease. The bowling crease is parallel to the imaginary line connecting the centers of both middle stumps and is 4 feet 4 inches on either side.

2. Understand the concepts and rules of cricket (Cricket Rules- Cricket Rules)

2.1 reached the goal in cricket

2.2 Understand Basic

2.3 Take care of the structure

Top the importance of 2.4 wickets

2.5 Ways to dismiss the batsman

Understand 2.6 extras

2.1 Runs Target reached in cricket

The most important thing in cricket is what goal you have come to the ground to chase. Start playing keeping that goal in mind. There are two teams in the cricket field, one is batting and one is fielding. Both have their different work but both want to move towards victory.

If you are batting, then keep in mind that you have to take as many runs as possible and do not waste any runs and if you are fielding, then keep in mind which direction the ball is going and when you have to field the batsman To get a chance out of.

2.2 Understand Basic (Cricket Basic Knowledge)

There are 11 players in each team, although the 12th player is kept in reserve in case of injury to a player. During the game, all the players of the fielding team are present on the field and only two players who are batting go to the field which are called batsmen. On the position of some player present on the pitch, ie whatever is standing wherever. All have official names. The one who throws the ball is called a bowler. The batsman who faces the ball is called a striker. The second batsman who stands away from the striker near the bowler is called non-striker. And the member of the fielding team who stands behind the sticker with complete safety is called the wicketkeeper. At the same time, other players do the filming, which has not been given any such name.


2.3 Understand the structure of cricket (Cricket Game Structurer)

It is very easy to understand the structure. First of all, you have to understand that there are many types of matches in cricket. T20 which consists of 20 overs and 50-50 consisting of 50 overs and six balls in one over. The batsmen score runs on the ball and do not score runs, but the ball is definitely counted and as we told you that there are two players on the pitch who bat, they share the runs and yes the bowler can do one at a time. He can only throw overs. The second bowler is called to bowl the second over. Within Test match cricket, a team has to play twice innings, 90 overs are done in 1 day and Test cricket is played continuously for 5 days.

Similarly, the position of the batsman also changes according to the run scored. Sometimes a striker becomes a non-striker, sometimes a non-striker becomes a striker.

After being dismissed, another player from the batting team comes into the field. At the end of the game, if the fielding team dismisses 10 players in one innings, there is not a single batsman left to stand on the second site of the pitch, in such a situation, the termination of the innings is announced.

Know the price of 2.4 wickets

When you are on the field as a bowler, then your only goal is how to take wickets. Whether you take a catch out or else you get the batsman out of the field but only your goal is how you dismiss the batsman.There are many ways to get a batsman out, such as one or two bails of Kate fall through the ball, which is called the fall of the wicket and if a catch is caught, it is caught out. On the other hand, if the bowler somehow hits the wicket of the batsman directly through the ball and drops it, the striker is called bold.

Similarly, if the batsmen are taking runs and before that the fielding team hits the ball on the wicket then it is run out.If the striker uses any part of his body to prevent the ball from hitting the wicket, they are called leg before wicket out, also called LBW and if the striker accidentally hits the wicket and breaks it He is considered a ‘hit wicket out’

A batsman is out and if the next batsman does not reach the ground within 2 minutes to come to his place, he is termed as a time out although such a mistake is not made. Also, the batsman is called out for violating ground rules in many ways.

In this way, the batsman can be dismissed in many ways, just need that you keep bowling and fielding keeping your goal in mind.

Understand 2.5 extras

Your goal as a batsman is to keep the scope of any mistake while batting. Also, understand how to run extra runs.

A run scored on a wrongly thrown ball as a no ball is called an extra run. On every bowled no ball, the bowler has to speak 7 times instead of 6 to complete the same over.Whenever a bowler bowls wide, automatic 1 run extra is added to the batting team’s account. If the striker tries to hit the ball and misses and at the same time the wicketkeeper is unable to catch it, during the game the batsman can run for the run lane, thus the run taken is called twenty two but if the sticker If he did not want to hit the ball, then he could not take leg bice.


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