How to Pass the Traffic Police Exam in Russia

Learn valuable tips and strategies on how to pass the traffic police exam in Russia. Increase your chances of success with proper preparation.

How to Pass the Traffic Police Exam in Russia

Are you preparing to pass the traffic police exams, but don’t know where to start? Do you know that only 35% of drivers get a license the first time, and are you afraid of not being one of them? We decided to figure out what exams you will have to pass and why you might fail them.

According to our statistics, only 35% of students in a driving school pass their exams the first time. We figured out why it’s so difficult to immediately pass your license and analyzed common mistakes. The article will be useful if you are studying at a driving school and have exams soon.

Where do they take the exam?

Before taking the exam, you need to attend a driving school. To enroll in a driving school, you need to undergo a medical examination and receive a certificate that you have no contraindications to driving a car. Contraindications are listed in the Russian Government DecreeNo. 1604 dated December 29, 2014. To enroll in a driving school, you need to submit documents: a passport, a medical certificate in form 003-B/u and four photographs 3×4 cm.

In a driving school you will learn theory and apply it in practice. Typically, training takes from 1.5 to 4.5 months, depending on whether you have a category B license. The final stage of your studies is passing exams. This can be done at any traffic police department, regardless of your registration.

There are two exams for driving license: theory and city. To pass the theory, you need to pass a test, for which you can prepare in advance using standard questions, and to pass the “city” exam, you need to drive along one of the routes approved by the chief traffic police inspectors. There are several requirements for examination routes:

  • presence of road signs, elements and signs of traffic;
  • the ability to complete examiner assignments on a selected section of the road;
  • versatility of the route, which allows you to take the exam on different categories of vehicles.

From April 1, 2021, they abandoned the use of standard examination routes, but on the portal State Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs you can view the list of streets and avenues on which it is allowed conducting an exam. In this case, the route may change. It is determined by the examiner while moving.

How much does training for a license cost?

Obtaining a certificate includes not only payment for the exam, but also other services:

  • training in a driving school – on average from 20 thousand rubles;
  • medical examination for a certificate of admission to driving a vehicle – about 2000 rubles;
  • State duty – 2000 rubles.

At a driving school you can take additional practical lessons, which increases the likelihood of passing your exams. Typically, classes take place at a time convenient for you and the instructor, last an hour and cost about 400 rubles.

Repeated retake in the traffic police is possible any number of times, but there are restrictions on the frequency of passing.

In total, on average you need to pay about 25 thousand rubles to obtain a driver’s license.

Things get done with a Pro

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At what age can you get a license?

In Russia, citizens 16 years of age and older are allowed to take the exam to obtain a driver’s license. Minors can obtain a license of category A1 – the right to drive light motorcycles, and category M – the right to drive mopeds and light quadricycles.

What tests need to be taken?

As we said above, to pass your license, you need to pass several exams:

  1. Theory, which is taken immediately after completing training at a driving school. Prospective drivers are sent to a computer lab where the exam takes place. Knowledge is assessed by a test in which there are 20 blocks with questions and several answer options for each.
  2. Practical driving skills in a populated area. It may include exercises that were previously taken at the race track. If the student has successfully passed the two previous exams, the final stage is to travel along a route developed in advance. The ride will take approximately 20 minutes, with an instructor sitting next to you.

The exam is considered passed if all stages are successfully completed. You can get a driver’s license at the traffic police department within 30 working days, but often the license is ready for issue the very next day after delivery.

How to cope with the first time: recommendations from the traffic police

Sometimes it seems to students that it is impossible to successfully pass the traffic police exam on the first try. This is not true, and among your friends there will probably be those who have succeeded. We have collected some tips on how to increase your chances of passing your license the first time:

  • Learn traffic rules, and not just cram answers to tickets. If you understand the logic of the rules and dive deeper, it will be much easier to answer the questions and pass the exam.
  • To practice. If you have the opportunity to take additional lessons, it’s great to take advantage of it, because the instructor will be able to see mistakes and explain how to avoid them. During additional classes you can ride along routes that may be encountered during the “city” exam. On the Pro service you can find an instructor who will help you sort out the routes and practice.

We advise you to write down all the instructor’s advice in a format that is convenient for you in order to remember them better and be more likely to pass the exam.

Reasons why most beginners fail when driving around the city

Often the reason for failing an exam are little things that are difficult to immediately take into account. For example, if a student forgot to fasten his seat belt because he was nervous, the examiner would consider this a serious error. There are other little things that can interfere with the exam:

  • start driving and do not check whether the doors in the car are closed;
  • do not adjust the seat, mirrors and steering wheel settings to suit you;
  • Do not turn on your turn signals when changing lanes or overtaking.

If you make these mistakes, you are guaranteed to retake the exam. But there is a list of “allowed” mistakes: stopping on the left side on a one-way road, parking on the right side of the road when the vehicles are standing in one row. The instructor will likely ask why you did this, and the theory will come in handy to avoid penalty points on the exam.

Allowable number of errors

You can make no more than 5 mistakes during the exam. Average errors are estimated at 3 points, minor errors – at 1, but there are also gross errors that are equal to 5 points. After at least one gross violation, the exam is terminated.

Obtaining a license after an exam at the traffic police

Having successfully passed the exam, you can contact the traffic police department for your driver’s license. Licenses of categories A and M, subcategories A1 and B1 will be issued in 15 working days, for a license of category B it will take up to 30. These are formal deadlines, and in practice, students who have passed the tests can be issued documents on the day of passing the exam or applying to the traffic police.

You need to come to get your license with a passport and a receipt for paid state duty in the amount of 2000 rubles. They will take your photo on the spot.

Buying a car after obtaining a license

Which car to buy as a new driver is a hotly debated topic. Some people think that they need to buy a used one, because there is a high probability of minor accidents, while others want to immediately drive a new car from the showroom, which will probably break down less.

There is no correct answer here: everyone chooses for themselves, but if you want a used car, we recommend seeking help from a car selection specialist who will take into account all the shortcomings of the car and tell you about possible risks. If you conclude a deal on your own, there is a chance that you will run into a seller who inflates the mileage or hides the restrictions imposed on the registration of the car.

Final tips: how to pass the driving test more easily?

To make it easier to pass your license, we advise you to take into account six nuances:

  • practice regularly on the race track and travel with an instructor around the city more often, so that during the exam you don’t have to worry and be confident in the route;
  • If possible, do not skimp on additional lessons. This will help you pass the practical part of the exam, and if there is not enough practice, retaking the test at the traffic police is free any number of times;
  • take notes on the instructor’s advice – you can, for example, write down the sequence of actions during a maneuver;
  • prepare for the exam consistently, devoting time to theory every day;
  • If you have a choice, schedule the exam in the morning when there is less traffic. This will make it easier to navigate;
  • Practice driving along streets that may be included in the exam route, listening carefully and remembering the instructor’s comments.

Before the exam, it is important to get a good night’s sleep and rest, and, if possible, treat this as an interesting challenge and not a reason for great anxiety. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict movement. It is important to concentrate on the fact that you know a lot and that this knowledge is enough to pass, remain calm as much as possible during the exam and do not lose confidence in your own skills.


Passing the traffic police exam in Russia might seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach and adequate preparation, you can achieve success. Remember to focus on understanding the traffic laws, practicing your driving skills, and using reliable study materials. Stay determined, stay confident, and soon enough, you’ll be one step closer to obtaining your driver’s license

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