How to overcome temptation?

Here’s the good news: you can overcome temptation! It’s not impossible. With Jesus’ help, you can learn to resist temptation and to live free from sin. The Bible shows how this is possible.

The Bible says that God never gives temptations that are impossible to resist . He always offers a way out ( 1 Corinthians 10:13 ). Resisting temptation can be very difficult at times, but it is not impossible. If you have repented of your sins and believe in Jesus, he will help you overcome temptation.

These are 6 practical Bible advice for resisting temptation:

1. Use the word of God

When Jesus was tempted in the desert, he used the Scriptures to silence the devil ( Matthew 4: 3-4 ). The Bible helps you identify and overcome temptations by teaching you what is right and what is wrong. The more you study and think about the Bible, the easier it will be to recognize tempting situations and take the right action. Bible truth sets you free ( John 8:32 ).

Furthermore, when you think of the Bible, you fill your mind with good things. This helps to change your heart and make you feel less tempted by sin.

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2. Pray

There is no problem in admitting that you are weak and need help! That is why Jesus taught the disciples to pray for deliverance from temptation ( Matthew 6:13 ). God helps those who ask.

What are your weaknesses? Tell God and ask for His help to overcome temptation. You may feel weak but God is strong and has the power to help you.

3. Resist

You can resist the temptation! This step may seem obvious, but many people do not try to resist. The Bible says that when you resist the devil, he runs away ( James 4: 7 ). When the tempting thought or situation comes, say “no!”

If you are saved by Jesus, you have the power to choose what is right. God does not remove all temptations from life but He gives you the strength to resist.

4. Run away

Yes, the Bible advises to flee! More specifically, escape sexual temptation ( 1 Corinthians 6:18 ). Sexual temptation is a very strong type of temptation and someone who sexually sins plays with fire. If you find yourself in a situation of sexual temptation, run away!

Joseph in Egypt also fled when he was tempted to commit adultery. There is no shame in that. This advice also works for any very strong temptation. If you feel that you will not be able to resist, escape the temptation.

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Resistance and flight are the two most important ways to overcome temptation.

5. Be radical

Don’t wait for temptation to appear before you start taking action! Prevention is better than cure. Jesus advised his disciples to get rid of everything that led them to sin ( Matthew 18: 8-9 ).

Sometimes what you will have to do to overcome temptation will hurt as much as losing a hand or an eye! But it is better to lose something precious now than to fall into condemnation. So, if you have something that tempt you, get rid of it . This thing could be a magazine, a computer, a candy, a blade … Be radical and use your creativity; take the temptation out of your life.

Attention! Different people have different temptations. What you need to take out of your life can make no difference in someone else’s life. Do what you know you need to do but don’t require everyone to do the same.

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6. Don’t give up

No believer is perfect. Sometimes you will fall into temptation and sin. But don’t give up! Ask God for forgiveness and look for more ways to overcome temptation. God always forgives those who repent ( 1 John 1: 9 ).

Overcoming temptation can take time and effort. It is not always easy, but God rewards those who do not give up ( Galatians 6: 9 ). He will be with you and help you all the way.

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