How to overcome sin?

You can overcome sin with the help of Jesus. Because of Jesus, it is possible to be free from sin and live differently. The Bible gives practical advice for overcoming sin.

The Bible says that sin enslaves ( Romans 7: 21-23 ). That is why it is so difficult to overcome sin. But Jesus came to free us from this bondage. With his life, death and resurrection, Jesus showed that it is possible to overcome sin and live differently. We cannot do it alone, but with Jesus we can win!

The Bible teaches that to overcome sin, you need to:


This is the first step – recognizing the error, accepting that it is wrong and deciding to change. This is called repentance. Sin is wrong, it is not acceptable, it deserves punishment. Alone, you cannot change the situation, but God is ready to forgive and help you change.

That’s why Jesus came. He took the punishment for his sins on the cross. Now, if you recognize that you’ve made a mistake and want to change, you can ask God for forgiveness and believe that Jesus will save you from sin and punishment ( Romans 10: 9-10 ). When you declare Jesus as your savior, he enters your heart and changes your life.

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Ask for God’s help

The great difficulty in overcoming sin is the lack of strength and motivation. You need help. In weakness, God has the strength you need to win. Ask for your help. Nothing is impossible for God ( Matthew 19:26 ). He will help you.

Do not give up. Being saved does not mean that now you will never stumble again. Overcoming sin can take time, but God loves you and is always ready to forgive you when you acknowledge your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Keep fighting and He will help you overcome sin!

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Changing thoughts and attitudes

Jesus said that all sin begins from the inside ( Mark 7: 21-23 ). So it is very important to tackle the root of the problem: temptation . What are the thoughts, places or situations that awaken your sin? Avoid them, fight them. Fight wrong thoughts with the word of God.

You can change your thoughts ( Romans 12: 1-2 ). Try to fill your thoughts more with the things of God, praying, reading the Bible, reflecting on good things and going to church. Think about the consequences of your sin, and if you have hurt someone, go and ask for forgiveness. Think of other attitudes you may have instead of sinning. And always trust in Jesus.

Attention! The most difficult sins to fight are those that have become a habit. To overcome these sins, you may need help from others. Having someone you are accountable to helps. So don’t isolate yourself. Look for someone mature, like a pastor, who can help you ( James 5:16 ).


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