Is euthanasia in animals a sin?

No, euthanasia in animals is not a sin, because an animal’s life is not sacred like a person’s life. The Bible allows us to kill animals, as long as it is not for cruelty. Killing an animal out of necessity, quickly and with minimal pain is not wrong.

Only man was created in the image and likeness of God. Taking a person’s life is a terrible sin ( Genesis 9: 6 ).

God placed man to dominate all other creatures on earth ( Genesis 1:28 ). To dominate is not to be cruel and to abuse; to dominate is to have authority and to take care with love. God also gave us all animals as food: we can kill animals to eat ( Genesis 9: 2-3 ).

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Kill without being cruel

The Bible does not approve of cruel treatment of animals. Every animal is created by God and every kind of life is a miracle. We should always have respect for life. But animal life is not the same as human life. We have the right to kill animals when necessary.

No one has a problem killing a fly or setting a trap to kill a mouse. Some animals need to be killed to maintain the balance of nature or to prevent disease. Many people eat meat every day. Many animals were killed in the Bible. Killing animals quickly and without cruelty is a natural act.

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The difficulty is the euthanasia of pets. When we are very attached to an animal, it is very difficult to make a decision about euthanasia. An animal can be a good friend and fighting for its survival is natural. But it is important to remember that an animal is not a person . The animal deserves our attention and care but if it is suffering a lot in the terminal phase, it is not a sin to opt for euthanasia.


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