How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking;5 Proven Tips

How To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking.Communication is inherent in human being. We need to talk, express our ideas and feelings. In the most difficult situations,where we are asked directly or indirectly to share our ideas, goals, share our way of thinking and about the world,Public speaking can become a great emotional and physical challenge because it is related to the human fear of not being accepted and not being respected. For social beings like us, the acceptance and respect of the other is directly  connected with the development of our sense.

Public speaking is a situation where we have to use body  all possible senses alternatives to protect ourselves.
The knowledge that we collect from life defines us us in our choices and attitudes. The inner self knowledge  shows our desires, likes, traits, potentials, and limitations. In our country the ability to speak in public is modest.
We swing between soliloquy and aphasia, between aggression and narcosis, between narcissistic display (it belongs to many) and subdued retrospective (yes, some cases there). We never get to the point and, if we get there, no one can notice it. We put the can for the hay. I know, these are generalizations. But you will forgive me if I avoid making examples of individuals, because this is not the point.

When Bad Public Speak Can Happen

One of the most frightening thoughts of those who are afraid to speak in public is that something terrible, humiliating and disastrous can happen during the speech. What if I can not control my nervousness? What if I forget what I was saying and remained speechless? And if the audience began to hate me and get me objects? And if they started to leave after ten minutes or to put on hostile questions to make trouble?

All this would be embarrassing if it happened. The luck is that the above happens very rarely. But even if it did, it would still be possible to identify a positive side. Whatever happens can be used to your advantage. People’s behavior is a fundamental reflection to allow you to figure out where you are wrong and what you can improve. Next time, it will be better and the anxiety will gradually vanish. The honesty and willingness to understand their mistakes will be a source of improvement and appreciation by the public.

If You Want to Improve Public speaking, You need to Care your internal insecurity In order to overcome the fear of Public Speaking

Security is a feeling that is linked with  personal knowledge, and insecurity is developed by our myths, our unquestionable truths and especially our fears. In stressful situations, some individuals often lose inner self . At that moment fears and fantasies covers the way we think.

Another important point in the difficulty of public speaking, besides internal insecurity, is the search for a model by our idealizations and fantasies  imaginary that is not real. Illusion is necessary for emotional development because , reality is necessary in public speaking. we need the objectivity that it brings us realistic background.

There are innumerable situations where fear collapse our mental situation; The fear of exposure is linked to the fear of negative evaluation, disapproval, and especially ridicule.All these fears weaken courage and self-determination, lacking the individual’s knowledge of himself, his values ​​and his skills, and making them dull person.

And where does this all come from?

The way we present ourselves in the world, is directly related to the perception we have about ourselves. Every detail  is influenced in our brain with myths, personal truths, characteristics and weirdness . How we dress or how we use words, our gestures, tastes, and preferences, tell us a little about  our culture and our beliefs.

And what is the way to solve this difficulty?

The most effective way is to develop your self-esteem and strengthen is to maintain internal security.You need to  to identify and unleash the personal myths that negatively influence with your self-perception.This is a path of self-knowledge and can be done through psychotherapy. In this process you will have a protected space to take care of these  emotional issues that often disturb your  personal development Just as we are looking for a specialist to treat body aches, we must often need a specialist to treat emotional pain, helping to make our lives more pleasurable and happy.

Be Conscious of Your Gesture …

Some studies carried out in the 1960s have shown that in a normal communication, the effectiveness of the message is only made up by 7% of the words, 38% by voice and 55% by nonverbal.

Gesture, therefore, as a typical expression of non-verbal language, is a central element in the communication process. But not only: the set of gestures made to make communication more intense during a speech allow at the same time to burn our nervous energy in a positive way, giving us the possibility to loosen any tension and stress states.

As many have experienced, the most common fee when standing in front of an audience is to hear all of our eyes on the audience, as if we were naked in the showcase, with the feeling that any gesture may be gross and misleading .

Be honest

When you are honest and honest, people are able to perceive it. This creates a link between you and the public to make your presentation much more authentic and impactful. If you are doing a job presentation and you are asked a question you do not know how to answer, admit it candidly. Ask someone if they can provide an answer. If no one is able to answer, he assures the one who asked you for more information about it and that you will contact him as soon as possible to give him the correct answer.

To be honest will help you to be a more effective speaker. It will also reduce those tensions that many people artificially impose. If you think you have to give a precise and immediate answer to all the questions you will be asked, you will be in a much greater state of stress than a situation where you admit your natural state of omniscience. Audience people know that you are a human being and not a walking database ready to answer any question you may have.

0 (False) Reasons Why Speaking in Public is a Source of Stress

1. To think public speaking is necessarily a source of stress (it is not!).
2. To think that to be successful you must necessarily be perfect and brilliant (not so!).
3. Trying to please everyone (unrealistic expectation).
4. Be afraid of possible negative results (you never experience it and when it happens you can still use it for your benefit).
5. Think that your audience will be so critical to you as you are.
6. Have the wrong purpose in mind (get rather than give).
7. Do not be humble and honest.
8. Prepare yourself for too long (instead of developing confidence in your natural ability to be able to speak in public).
9. Try to provide too much information or cover too many arguments in a short speech.
10. Try to have public control (not possible)

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