How to optimize keywords

In today’s article we will see how to optimize keywords on my blog to improve SEO easily . In this way you can increase the number of visits you get daily.

The SEO is essential to have more visits , something we all want when creating our blog. But nowadays it is not as easy as creating a site and sitting around waiting for the visits to arrive, we must work on it. For this, it is important to optimize the keywords.

Optimize keywords to improve SEO on my blog

Conduct a keyword study

The first thing we must do is carry out a keyword study , we must be clear about the keywords that are most searched for monthly and the topics that we are going to deal with. For this we can use any of these tools or a combination of all of them:

  • Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Google Trends

With these tools we can search for keywords by subject and measure the number of monthly searches for each one of them. After this you must use the search engine in incognito mode and enter the keywords that interest you.

If you notice, Google always gives us recommendations for related searches. These results are the searches that users perform. It is an excellent method to gain more keywords that can be very useful to us.

Optimize your article titles

The titles of your articles are essential, one of the most important things of which you must take care that they are perfect. Ideally, they should be short and flashy , no more than 10-14 words. In turn, they must contain the keywords you want to position, the more important the keyword, the more at the beginning it should be.

How to improve my blog’s SEO by optimizing keywords

The importance of the “Title” tag

If you use WordPress and have some SEO plugin installed, then surely you will be able to edit the “Title” tag separately . This headline will appear in the search results and as you imagine, it is essential to attract the attention of your potential visitors.

To optimize it, it is necessary that you include the keywords and the most important ones have to be at the beginning, that do not have more than 15 words and above all the things that are very striking.

Currently Google detects some icons that you can use, this will increase the percentage of people who will click on that result. It is important to get their attention and with icons it can be done without problems.

Friendly URLs are essential

The slug or URL of the page is created from the title that we add to the article. But in this case we are going to modify it a bit so that it is perfectly optimized, since the URLs should be as friendly as possible.

For this we must eliminate those words that are useless. Let’s go with a practical example: The title of this article is: How to optimize the keywords in my Blog to improve SEO easily How would the URL look without modifying anything? Possibly it would look like this: “how-to-optimize-keywords-on-my-blog-to-improve-seo-easily”.

Sounds like an optimized slug to you? Definitely not, the best way to leave the slug or URL of the page would be the following: “optimize-keywords-blog-seo-easy” in this way we will have a short URL with the keywords that we are interested in positioning.

Optimization of goal descriptions

Another thing that we can see in the Google results are the meta descriptions , it is precisely what appears under the title of the article. This is also important because we can add keywords that we want to position.

Goal descriptions shouldn’t be more than 20-30 words long for everything we type to Google to appear. You must follow the same rules as in the titles, the keyword must be at the beginning and you have to try to call the potential visitor to action.

This means getting their attention or as they say in marketing ” Call to action ” to motivate the reader to visit the site . You can ask a question, a problem and then assure him that you have the


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