How to limit upload bandwidth on OneDrive in Windows 10

Next, we are going to see how to limit the upload bandwidth on OneDrive in Windows 10 in a fairly simple way. With this simple tutorial and in just a few steps you can limit the upload and download speed of OneDrive.

We cannot deny the enormous utility of cloud storage. We can save files to be much more secure, have backup copies that we will always have access to without worrying that one day the hard drive or a USB / DVD drive will be damaged.

But, in order to use cloud storage, what do we need? Obviously the internet. The problem is that when we synchronize too many files this consumes connection, bandwidth which cannot be used for anything else.

Surely on some occasions it happened to you that you are uploading files and suddenly you want to browse a bit while waiting for the upload to finish. L os websites take longer than usual to load Why does this happen? Because you are consuming connection uploading said file.

The way to fix it is by limiting the upload speed. Although it may take a little longer to get on, but it will and in the meantime you can continue browsing without any kind of problem.

For that reason, in this simple tutorial that you will be able to appreciate a little below, we are going to see step by step everything you must do to limit the upload and download bandwidth of OneDrive in an extremely simple way and in a few steps. Let’s start so that you can quickly continue browsing the Internet without problems.

How to activate the upload and download limit in OneDrive in Windows 10

  • For this, all we have to do is locate the OneDrive icon in the lower right part of Windows , the one next to the clock.
  • Once located, what you have to do is open its configuration menu by right-clicking.
  • A window opens with several tabs, here you will have to click on the one that says ” Network “.
  • In this simple section you will see that you have only two options: one of them is upload speed while the other is download speed. You can configure the speeds you want in ” KB / s “.
  • After this we must press ” Accept ” and that’s it. All changes will be applied without you having to do anything else.

Enable upload limit on OneDrive in Windows 10

By limiting the download and upload speed, what we achieve is to ensure that we can surf the internet smoothly . In case we do not do it and OneDrive consumes the entire internet connection, obviously the websites that we try to load will do so slowly, taking much longer than they usually would.

In case you want to sync files that are too heavy. The best practice would be to disable the limits so that they synchronize faster. Imagine that you are limited and you have to upload a 1 GB file, it may take more than a day, depending on the limits you set.

In case you want to apply this configuration on Android . We regret to inform you that this is not possible, as these options are only available for Windows. At least at the moment there is no way to configure OneDrive for Android and limit the upload speed.

Likewise, remember that we are always ready to help you in everything that is necessary. So, if you have any kind of doubt about how to limit the upload and download bandwidth in OneDrive in Windows 10 , you can leave us a comment a little further down where you will find the section for this.


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