How to open the Kopachi safe in Chernobylite

Chernobylite has many interesting resources, items, and valuable items hidden in the midst of its post-apocalyptic world, all of which greatly benefit Igor’s cause. And while some of them are accessible and unlockable through the use of tools like hooks, some things just can’t be unlocked without following specific guidelines. Here is everything you need to know how to open the Kopachi safe in Chernobylite.

How to open the Kopachi safe in Chernobylite

As you explore the many regions that make up Chernobylite, you are likely to come across a safe in Kopachi, which can be accessed through the sewer and bunker entrances in the lower left corner of the map. Your first thought is probably trying to open it with a hook. Unfortunately, that will not work.

The only way to open this safe is to get help from the locksmith, found in the upper right corner of the map. He won’t tell you anything until you find his brother Athanasius. This is not something Igor can do until later in the campaign during the “Chain Reaction” mission.

Once you’re on the “Chain Reaction” mission, head to the top floor of the prison complex until you see a dead body. Examination of the body will reveal that Athanasius is dead. Go back to the locksmith and he will tell you that he will open the safe the next time you return. Inside the safe you will find the upgraded flashlight perk.

Please note that if you are having difficulty finding the locksmith during any of these operations, they may be absent. It only takes a few missions for it to reappear.

Time required: 3 hours.

How to open the Kopachi safe in Chernobylite

  • Head to the lower left side of Kopachi.
  • Locate the safe, then speak to the locksmith in the upper right corner of the map.
  • Talk to the locksmith and he will tell you to find Athanasius.
  • Advance the campaign to the “Chain Reaction” mission.
  • Head to the upper floor of the prison complex until you see the corpse of Athanasius.
  • Go back to the locksmith and tell him about his brother’s fate.
  • Complete a free roaming mission, then return to the vault to get the enhanced flashlight perk.

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