How to use Chernobylite traps .

Chernobylite features a semi-open world, allowing you to control Igor through several different missions that take you to different locations on the map that you can explore. As he does so, he will need to remain vigilant to ensure that the enemies that make up this dangerous wasteland do not kill him, using everything from weapons to traps to survive. Here is everything you need to know how to use Chernobylite traps .

The first thing to know is that traps can only be used while on a mission. Along with this, keep in mind that there are six different types of traps that can be used in Chernobylite: fireworks, explosive laser, landmine, electroshock, assimilation, and directional. Each of them can be used in different situations.

Chernobylite traps

Since these can only be used in missions, you will create traps using the creation menu while in the field. Open your crafts menu by pressing B on your keyboard or the Back button on Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

As soon as you do, the cheat menu will open with the following options:

Trap type Means The description
Fireworks 1 electronic component, 1 flammable component Distraction trap that attracts humans and monsters.
Explosive laser 1 electronic component, 1 flammable component It shoots like a tripwire, explodes when triggered.
Land mine 2 flammable parts It explodes when stepped on.
Electroshock 1 electronic component, 1 flammable component Causes electrifying damage to humans.
Assimilate 1 herb, 1 chemical Steal energy from monsters.
Directional 1 mechanical part, 1 electronic part, 1 flammable part It works like a turret, automatically shooting humans and monsters.

Whenever you are about to place one of these traps, its area of ​​effect will be displayed beforehand, allowing you to plan the best places to strategically place them. These items will be useful for more difficult missions, especially higher difficulties.

That’s all you need to know how to use Chernobylite traps . If you’re still looking for more information on the game, be sure to check out all the other tips, tricks, and reviews related to a variety of helpful topics by researching Twinfinte.

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