How to sleep in Chernobylite

In Chernobylite, you’ll need to collect resources to help keep Igor and his team alive amid the post-apocalyptic wastelands that make up the game’s environments. This means that you will need to find food, medicine, and supplies to help you. to create quality-of-life items such as sleeping bags. However, once you have everything, it is important to know how to use it all correctly. Here is everything you need to know how to sleep in Chernobylite.

As a game with a heavy emphasis on realism and psyche, it makes perfect sense for Chernobylite to force you to put Igor to sleep. Along with this, it is also important to ensure that your companions are well rested as well. We will detail both below.

How to sleep in Chernobylite

Every time you complete a mission, you will have to put Igor to rest. To do this, head to the door on the left side of the base marked “Igor’s Room.”

Here you can let Igor take a well deserved rest. Just interact with the bed and you will fall asleep from the next day and save the game.

Dream of companions

Igor shouldn’t be the only one who can sleep through the night, as your companions also need to be fully rested to be at their best. As such, you’ll want to create a sleeping area in the Haven’s craft menu.

To do this, simply open the basic construction menu and create enough sleeping places (bunks) for each of your companions. Not getting enough means someone will have to sleep on the floor, which negatively affects them and therefore their performance when sent on a mission.

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