How to open TGZ files in Windows 10

Files can be compressed into different formats. ZIP and RAR are the most common formats, but there are many other compression formats out there, and you may come across some of them from time to time. File compression applications support a wide variety of formats, and chances are your application can extract as many or more types of compressed files as it supports.

TGZ files in Windows 10

TGZ is a compressed file format found on Linux systems. You won’t find it all too often on Windows 10, but Windows 10 compression apps can compress and extract TGZ files. If you already have a compression tool installed on your system, it’s worth checking if it supports TGZ file extraction. If not, try the following apps.

Compress TGZ files

If you want to compress a file into the TGZ file format, you can do so with a free application called 7zip . This is a two step process in which you will have to compress the file twice. This is not the most elegant and fast solution, but 7zip has a graphical interface that should do it quickly.

  1. Open File
  2. Right click on the file / folderyou want to compress.
  3. Select 7zip from the context menuand select Add to Archive from the submenu .
  4. Open the Archive Format drop-downlist and select TAR.
  5. Go aheadand compress the file.
  6. After compressing, right click on the newly created TAR file.
  7. Select 7zipfrom the context menu and select Archive from the submenu.
  8. Open the Archive Format dropdownlist and select gzip.
  9. Continue compressing the file.
  10. The output file will be in gz format.


7zip is a great tool for compressing and extracting files. It is lightweight and you can use it to extract the TGZ file.

  1. Download and install 7zip.
  2. Open FileExplorer and right click on the TGZ file you want to extract.
  3. Inthe context menu , select 7zip .
  4. Select Extract to “folder name.tar”.
  5. The file will be extracted to a TAR file.
  6. Right click on the TAR file and select 7zip.
  7. Select Extract to “folder name”.
  8. The file / folder will be extracted.


If you don’t like extracting the TGZ file in two steps, you can use WinRAR. He can extract them in one step.

  1. Download and install WinRAR.
  2. Open File Explorerand navigate to the TGZ file you want to extract.
  3. Right click on the TGZ fileand select WinRAR Extract to “folder name”.


If you want to compress files to the TGZ format on Windows 10, you will need to compress them in two steps, but when extracting, you have the option of extracting in one or two steps. It will boil down to whichever application you have already installed. Compression and extraction are no different between applications.

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