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Have you received an ebook in mobi format from a friend or simply downloaded from the internet and have no idea how to open mobi files? No problem I’ll explain immediately how to open files with mobi extension directly from PC but first I want to explain very briefly what a mobi file is and what it is for.


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What is a mobi

The .mobi file extension indicates the Mobipocket standard used mostly by Amazon for publishing ebooks (digital books). So all Kindle devices support Mobi format. In fact, the mobi is a sort of container and inside there is the digital book, bookmarks, javascript and so on. The mobi format also allows you to set copyright protection to prevent copying.

Open mobi files

There are many programs that allow you to open mobi files but since this standard is owned by Amazon why not just use the free tool offered by Amazon to view mobi files? I’m talking about Kindle Previewer, an application that allows you to read all files with mobi extension on your PC and more, you can also convert epub files into mobi format. This application is very simple to use and it will only take you one click to view mobi files.

Kindle Previewer is available for Windows and Mac and you can download it for free from this page by clicking on the Dowload Now button next to the desired operating system. Installing Kindle Previewer is so simple that it’s not worth describing, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.

Once the installation is complete to view mobi files, open the Kindle Previewer application and press on the word Open book to view (or alternatively select the menu at the top left File and then select Open Book); at this point select the mobi file you want to open and that’s it! The book in mobile format will open and you can also choose to view it as you would see it on a kindle device.

If you really don’t want to use Kindle Previewer to view mobi files then you could opt for Mobilpocket Reader or FBReader , both free and lightweight applications for reading mobi files on windows computers.

So, in conclusion, a file with the extension mobi is an ebook in Mobipocket format, a standard used by Amazon Kindle devices. To view mobi files from windows and Mac computers you can use the free Kindle Previewer application that allows you to open mobi files and view them as you would see them on an Amazon Kindle device. If you are a book enthusiast then take a look here to find other guides dedicated to digital books.

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