How to open 7z

You downloaded a file from the internet and to your surprise you realized that it has a 7z extension and you have no idea what it is and how to open 7z files? There is no shame, you never stop learning. In reality, opening 7z files is simpler than you might think and without wasting too much on useless chatter I’ll immediately explain how.


  • What is a 7z
  • How to open 7z
    • 7-Zip (Windows)
    • Winzip (Windows)
    • The Unarchiver (Windows / Mac)
    • PeaZip (Windows / Linux)
    • WinRAR (Windows)

What is a 7z

A 7z file is nothing more than a compressed file, just like a zip file; this archive is created by an open-source compression program called 7-Zip . It behaves exactly like a compressed zip file but differs from this in the algorithms used for data compression.

How to open 7z

Now that you know what a 7z (7-zip) file is you are surely wondering what software to use to extract 7z files. In fact, while in the past it was necessary to use the 7-zip program, today you can use various programs for managing compressed archives. I’ll list the best (and obviously free)

7-Zip (Windows)

7-Zip is the proprietary program of the 7z format, you can download it directly from this page; 7-zip is completely free and is also available in the portable version from this page. Once installed, just double click on the file to extract 7z files. Once installed you will need to set it as the default software to open compressed files. Press with the right button on the file with extension 7z and from the menu that will be displayed select the item Open with ; then select Choose an app , uncheck the item that says Always use this app to open .7z files and then select 7-zip from the list of applications.

Winzip (Windows)

Winzip is the most famous program on Windows for the management of compressed files that for some time also allows you to extract 7z files. Available in both free and paid versions, you can download it from the official website . Once you have downloaded Winzip, install it following the instructions on the screen; once the installation is complete, just double click on the file to extract the 7z file.

The Unarchiver (Windows / Mac)

The Unarchiver is a powerful compressed file management software that is capable of reading a variety of compression formats including files with extension 7z. From the home page click on Download, download the dmg file and install it as usual; the software is completely free. Once installed, just double click on the file to extract 7z files.

PeaZip (Windows / Linux)

PeaZip is not very popular software but it allows you to open 7z files on Windows and Linux platforms. This program is also available in a portable version .

WinRAR (Windows)

WinRar is another great compressed file management software that allows you to open 7z files. This software is both paid and free; in the latter case the functions will be limited and advertising banners will be displayed. You can download it from this page.

So in conclusion, files with 7z extension are files compressed with 7-zip algorithms; you can open them with normal compressed file management programs and obviously also with the free 7-zip program. On this page you will find my other guides on how to open files.

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