How to modify the configuration of my graphics card?

The graphics card of all computers works together with the operating system, as it provides graphic elements and displays texts on the computer screen. That is why, learning how to configure the graphics card to speed up its behavior will be beneficial and you will learn it easily here.

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  1. How to reset a graphics card so that it can be reconfigured?
  2. How to properly configure my graphics card?
    1. Windows 10 operating system
  3. What should my graphics card installation include to improve performance?
    1. Increase power to maximum
    2. Sets the fan to a specific curve
    3. Make sure to clean all surfaces
    4. Modify energy capacity
  4. How do you know when to replace the graphics card?
    1. Poor performance
    2. Image quality issues

How to reset a graphics card so that it can be reconfigured?

For the graphics card to work, it must have a series of controllers, which help them to use all its features. You should update to be able to restart the graphics card, enter the website and download the updates, to know what is the brand and model we have, you just have to write ‘DXDIAG’ in the Start, there you will find information about this, since it is important to know which graphics card we have.

You can restart your card in two ways, the most difficult will be to enter the ‘Control Panel, then click on’ Device Manager ‘, select’ Display adapters ‘there you will find the card model, there will be a line called’ Drivers and Dowloads’ and you can proceed to download the latest driver.

Of course, you have to uninstall the old driver, and then you will need to restart your computer. Now, the simplest will be by pressing three keys together: Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B And that’s it! You rebooted the graphics card.

How to properly configure my graphics card?

We are talking about normal settings and advanced settings . The first of them, is the ‘normal’ you will only have to go to the search engine, write ‘Screen’ and try the options that they give you, you can also enter ‘Colors’ and configure the colors.

The other type of more advanced configuration will be for games and movies, these types of cards are normally NVIDIA, which of course, we recommend using its latest version , enter the control panel by clicking anywhere on your desktop, there will be four options called : Stereoscopic 3D, 3D settings, display and video.

In the 3D settings you enter ‘Adjust the image settings with preview’ then press ‘Use my preference and emphasized’ and go to performance, there you can configure resolution and refresh , put ‘Hertz’, in the video option you can adjust brightness, coloration and contrast.

Windows 10 operating system

The procedure would be basically the same as you have already read to configure the Windows 10 graphics. How to do it? Press the ‘W’ key or Windows + I and then go to Windows 10 settings , choose ‘Systems’ select ‘Display’ and get the option ‘Graphics settings’.

Select ‘Graphics Performance Preferences’, the setting would try to increase battery life, and choose between classic or modern apps .

What should my graphics card installation include to improve performance?

There are certain procedures that you can use to improve its performance and these will not be difficult but you must be careful when applying it, as you could damage your graphics card but don’t worry! We will explain it to you in the best way.

Increase power to maximum

To increase the potential of the graphics card you will only have to have a software that helps you do this, there is one called MSI Afterburner which is a program widely used to control and monitor the graphics card. It gives you the possibility to increase your potential.

When there is a lot of potential and an ideal temperature in the GPU it will increase the performance, its speed will increase and it will work in the best way. How can you achieve that? Launch the MSI, move the bar to the limit (100-110), mark a checkbox. After this you must test it with a game.

Sets the fan to a specific curve

The temperature will increase when the power of the GPU increases, however you must establish an ideal temperature, always keeping the limit temperature in mind, as you could shorten the useful life of the hardware.

To maintain the temperature you must use a specific curve, and you can do it within the MSI Afterburner, just by opening it, entering ‘Settings’, clicking on the fan tab , marking a check box, and also’ Enable User Defined Software Automatic Fan Control ‘.

Then you should adjust the fan curve when you see that the video card is increasing its temperature. You could reach the maximum fan speed level before reaching 100% of the temperature limit, which most of all will increase when playing on the computer.

Make sure to clean all surfaces

When the card gets very hot, its fans and filters that make up the computer may be full of dust, for which the air flow is not being indicated, and the heat accumulates excessively. There are several options, but the best is to clean the fans with a can of compressed air. Make sure to provide two to three shots with the can.

Modify energy capacity

To do this you just have to configure the power of the PC, and you will do it through these simple steps:

  1. Access the settings.
  2. Select system.
  3. Then go to ‘Additional power settings’.

On laptops you can access it by clicking on the battery icon, select Power Options, then go to ‘High performance’ to click on ‘ Change plan settings’ and there you will find advanced power settings.

How do you know when to replace the graphics card?

It is somewhat expensive to change a graphics card so it will be easier to apply the previous advice but there are times where this will not work, then you must buy a new one but … How do you know when?

Poor performance

If your computer has shown to have a lower performance than normal , even doing all the tips that we have given you, then it will be time to start thinking about buying a graphics card. This can get stuck.

Image quality issues

The image on the screen can be blue, give certain screenshots or have dead pixels , and that is clearly a sign that something is very wrong. Possibly your card may have a fault, which does not allow the PC to function properly.

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