How to Make Money Selling My Photos Online

With the advent of technology and the digital world, many people have access to devices with practically professional cameras .

If you are the kind of person who likes to take pictures and every time you have the opportunity you save a moment for posterity, then you are in the right place. Now you can monetize your passion and earn money by selling your photos online .

How to Make Money Selling My Photos Online – Quick and Easy


  1. How to make money by selling my photos online?
  2. Where can I sell my photos?
  3. Most requested photo types

How to make money by selling my photos online?

Today there are many companies and agencies that sell photos online. These platforms act as intermediaries for people who want to sell their photographs . Sometimes it can be a complicated process to get approval. Many of these agencies claim to verify the quality of the photos.

What you need to get started

Availability. The main thing you must have before starting any type of project is the initiative and the desire to want to do it. Start immediately without hesitation and for the project to last over time it is something that you have to like and enjoy.

Weather. Time is an important factor, because you need it to take pictures, edit and upload them. Make a space in your agenda and set a time of day to dedicate only to this activity.

Create an account with a payment processor. To receive money from the different platforms, you will need a payment processor that acts as an intermediary. One of the most used is Paypal , because it is a page that has been working for many years and is reliable.

Patience. Getting to a point where selling your photos is profitable can take some time. It can be a slow process, but if you are consistent you will soon see results.

Register on different pages. Choose the pages you think are best for you to upload the photos you want to sell. Next you will see a list of the most recommended to get started.

pros and cons

The positives

  • In a passive incomeitem . Maybe you are sleeping and still getting money from your photos.
  • You don’t have to be a professional. You just have to be good at what you do, have fun and capture the magic of the moments.
  • You can sell your photos to more than one agency.

The negatives

  • He won’t be a millionaire. While it’s a passive income item, it won’t generate thousands of dollars a month.
  • The start is slow. You haveto be patient to see long-term results.

Where can I sell my photos?

Adobe Stock

Adobe is very popular with multimedia content creators and its name speaks for itself. The requirements of this platform are images in JPEG format, minimum resolution 4 MP and maximum 100 MP, excluding watermarks. For each photo you get 33% profit and $ 25 charges.


It is characterized by the sale of excellent quality photos. As a requirement to be able to upload photos to this platform you have to register, they will give you a series of tips, then you will present a proof (of what you will read) and you will have to send them your 3 best photos .


Surely you have never come across this brand on the Internet. It is one of the most popular platforms and the one that offers the most images, but its platform is quite difficult to access. They have a high level of demand and to enter you have to send 10 photographs and of which they have to accept 7 to enter.


It is a small company and therefore easier to access . To join Fotolia, you need to send them some photographs for approval and fill out various forms.

Most requested photo types

First of all, what you need to have is originality, but the most sought after types of photos are:

  • People and family
  • Textures and backgrounds
  • Professionals
  • Nature and flowers
  • Meal
  • Business and economy
  • Scenario
  • Travel and tourism
  • Children
  • Women
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