How To Put my name on the Windows 10 taskbar

Windows offers an unimaginable amount of options to customize your PC. Many of these options are not in sight, but knowing them is very helpful. Customizing the taskbar by entering the name is one of the possibilities you can’t imagine Windows 10 can do.

How to customize and put my name on the Windows 10 taskbar

The taskbar usually contains all the most used applications or websites, as well as icons of how many applications are running at that moment. But if there’s anything Windows allows, it’s tweaking the look of your desktop so you’re comfortable using it and have your own personal touch .


  1. Put my name on the Windows 10 taskbar
  2. Add apps and files

Put my name on the Windows 10 taskbar

It is a simple modification that at the same time gives a personal and unique touch to your PC. There are two ways to enter your name or any other word you want to put in the taskbar.

Method 1: put the name next to the time

The Windows time is displayed on the taskbar at the far right of the taskbar. Configuration must be done from the Control Panel.

  • Enter the Control Panel. Search for Control Panel in the Windows Start menu. A quick way to find it is through the search engine. Press the Start + S keys to bring upthe search engine, then type Control Panel and press Enter.
  • Select the option to change the date, time or number formats.
  • A new window opens. You need to click on the Additional Settingsbutton .
  • Go to the tab that says Now and edit the text indicated as Symbol am and Symbol pmReplace the preset text with your name or the name you want to enter.
  • Once the configuration is complete, press the Apply button and the changes have been made.


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Note: For the change to be effective, both the short-time and long-time formats must have “tt” included at the end so that the text appears next to the time in the taskbar.

Method 2 – Add Content Folder

You need to create a folder with your name to integrate it into the taskbar. It is a simple process that will take no more than five minutes.

  • Create a folder and put your nameor the text you want to appear on the taskbar.
  • right-click on the taskbar in a free space. Click the barof tools and then click on New Toolbar.
  • A new window opens in which you need to search and select the folder you createdwith your name
  • Press accept and now your name appearson the right side of the taskbar.
  • If you want to change the location of the folder on the taskbar, you do so by selecting it with a simple click and dragging it to where you want to place it. Just make sure the Lock Taskbaroption isn’t enabled.

The good thing about this method is that it can also be useful as a container for well-identified personal files .

In case you want to remove the name from the taskbar, you just need to right-click on a free space in the taskbar and click on Toolbar and then click on the folder name. The name immediately disappears from the bar.

Add apps and files

The best way to make your PC functional is to add the icons of the applications and folders you use most to the system tray. If you have an application open that you want to pin to the system tray, you just need to right-click the application icon and select the option Pin to system tray .

You can also do this from Windows Start and if you don’t want to have it anymore, you always have the option to remove the icons from the taskbar. You just have to search for the application, right click on it. Then select the More option and finally, click on the Pin to Taskbar option.

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