How to make make-up resist under the mask?

Now that the mask is a necessity but also an obligation for some people, we have to adapt. One problem faced by girls and women is the attitude of make up under the mask. While holding it, the foundation and lipstick are erased, causing the mask to get dirty faster.

You will find here some ways that will help you in everyday life.

1. If you use a creamy foundation, it is advisable to put powdered or pressed powder on top of it, depending on the type you may have. This will give it a longer stay and more matte effect.

2. Another problem is the lips. Although wearing the mask is more common now, again the moment we remove it in the bar or restaurant, we want our lips to look beautiful. It is suggested to use matte lipstick. It stays long and leaves no marks under the mask.

3. But if creamy and shiny lipsticks are more practical for you, we have a solution for that as well. You can apply transparent powder after applying lipstick. It will become a little more matte and will last longer.

4. Also a product that is being added to girls bags is the make-up fixer, which helps for a longer stay of all the products you use on the face.

by Abdullah Sam
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