11 tips to get motivated when you feel bad

These 11 tips will help you to be motivated even in the moments when you feel bad:

1- List everything you have to do. Once you have written what you have to do put the numbers next to them, starting from the ones that matter most to the last ones, which can be left for the next working day. This helps you to start with the tasks that are most important and above all with the ones that need to be completed first.

2- Take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes. Even a break of only 30 seconds affects productivity growth by 13 percent more.

3- Disable notifications of new emails and mobile notifications. According to some recent research pop-up alerts affect the distraction from the task you were dealing with. Even simply holding the phone on your desk can be distracting at work, so it is advisable to keep it in a place where you do not see it.

4- Small physical exercises , such as raising both hands above the head or stretching the legs forward, moving the head in a circle will help you to remove the stress that you may have accumulated during working hours. Ideally, during the lunch break you should be able to take walks to move and not sit still.

5- Coffee with coconut oil and butter. Although it may seem like a strange combination especially for those people who do not want to spoil the taste of “holy” morning coffee, according to recent studies it has turned out that this is the ideal combination to get the right dose of energy, which will make you energetic and motivated, and most of all, not get tired until the afternoon.

6- Change the work environment, if only for an hour. If your profession allows you can take your laptop and go to work in an internet cafe. The new environment influences increased creativity and concentration.

7- Drink as much water as possible. Dehydration is one of the main factors that directly affects the increase of fatigue level.

8- Work on foot. According to a recent study conducted, employees who had worked on foot (at high desks) for a week were less tired than those who worked sitting all week. This is explained by the fact that working on the feet directly affects the increase of brain power, affects the increase of your concentration and above all creates you a better condition both physically and mentally.

9- Listen to music you have not heard before.

10- Work near the window. Natural light affects your productivity at work.

11- Basil oil. Always keep a small bottle of basil oil on your desk and whenever you feel tired lubricate your wrists. Basil oil has very good effects in increasing alertness.


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