How to make him regret his behavior?

If your ex broke up with you and you’re wondering how to make him regret losing you, know that playing mind games and jealousy tricks won’t ever work.

It won’t work because manipulation tactics only hurt the person you’re trying to impress.

So technically, nasty tricks have the opposite of the desired effect.

They show your ex that you lack integrity and therefore the strength to control your impulses.

Put simply, hurting your ex, lying about your new life, and showing your ex that you care about him more than yourself will never make him regret losing you.

All this will do is confirm that immersing yourself was a good decision and that he would do it sooner if you had been using devious tactics throughout the relationship.

So, if you are anxious to know how to make him regret losing you in the right and the only way, this article will provide you with some genuine advice.

How do you make him regret having lost you?

Whether you’re the dumpee or the dumper, the best way to make your ex regret losing you is to find your own happiness in life.

Finding your happiness includes increasing your emotional and physical well-being, your confidence and self-esteem, enjoying life as much as you can, and finding your purpose.

These are the most attractive traits and strengths a person can have. They determine how happy you are, and therefore how happy others are with you.

This is because discovering your life and making the most of it is what people secretly admire about you.

They might not tell you directly, but they certainly appreciate your presence and the positivity you exude.

As for people who don’t like you to be happy or maybe even resent you, they usually feel it because they are envious and jealous.

Their insecurities make them want what they don’t have, so they intentionally try to belittle you in order to appear better than you.

It goes without saying that these people will do their best to take away your happiness for their own selfish reasons.

So, if your ex is one of those people who feed off your unhappiness directly or indirectly, it may be in your best interest to take power away from your ex by staying away from them.

Stay out of touch indefinitely so that your ex’s cold and ruthless behavior doesn’t get you down.

By protecting yourself, you can focus on your own success and maybe even make your ex regret leaving you.

Become a success

If there’s anything dumpers hate, it’s when dumpees become a magnet for success (no pun intended).

As dumpers improve as people and move on in life, dumpers notice that they would give up on someone who is successful.

They realize that their time with their ex-partner hasn’t been that bad and they are now missing out on the happiness the dumpee has created for herself.

Due to envy and jealousy, dumpers quickly regret leaving their partner and wish their life hadn’t worsened.

This is when sentimentality takes over, so they try to get a piece of the pie that the dumpees have spent months or years working on.

For these dumpees, their ex crawling is therefore a big slap in the face because it shows that their ex wants them for their happiness and the life they created for themselves.

This is something that dumpers often realize, so they blatantly reject their dumpers and throw them in their way.

So if you want to make your ex regret leaving you, memorize the next line. I think that’s the best definition of what a successful person is.

A success is anyone who achieves a worthy predetermined goal, because that is what he or she decided to do… on purpose. But only one in twenty does.


You can’t always make your ex regret dumping you!

If you’re trying to learn how to make your ex regret leaving you, please note that depending on your ex’s maturity and self-awareness, you can make your ex respect you, like you, or hate you.

No one knows how your ex will feel and react when you put your life in order.

We do know, however, that if your ex is ever going to regret breaking up with you, it’s after fixing the issues that caused the breakup, improving your shortcomings, and spicing up your life.

So whether you want your ex to come back or continue without him, be sure to start working on being the best version of yourself right after the breakup.

By doing this, you will avoid making any mistakes after the breakup and as a result, you will look as desirable as possible.

Here are 4 legitimate ways to make him regret losing you after breaking up with you.

1) Enjoy your work

You can make your ex regret losing you by increasing your happiness and finding a purpose in the job that you get up for each morning.

It doesn’t matter if you are an accountant, teacher, salesperson or doctor.

The only thing that matters is that you do your job with the utmost care, love and passion.

It is important for you to find joy at work or you could be left miserable for a very long time.

Maybe until the day you retire.

So do it on your own as it is the least you deserve.

But if you can’t enjoy the job because you can’t find your job rewarding, consider changing jobs or going back to school because it’s never too late to be happy.

Just do something / whatever makes your career meaningful.

Know that there are no unimportant jobs.

All jobs are important, whether they make a lot of money or barely enough that we can go through them every month.

The main difference between various jobs is that some jobs complement us and give us a purpose while others do not satisfy our desires and bore us.

Some jobs feel like a routine – and make us feel like they’ll never end.

On the other hand, more fascinating jobs fascinate and perhaps even entertain us. They give us the impression that time is moving at 30 times normal speed.

And that’s because we appreciate the work we do. We always look forward to the next thing and before we know it, it’s time to go home.

This means that our passion, attitude and concern for work and for others determine how happy we are at work.

And when we’re satisfied and satisfied at work, there’s a good chance we’ll be happy and relaxed at home too.

How will passion at work make your ex regret losing you?

It won’t directly make your ex regret losing you, but it will set you up for something that your ex will have a hard time matching on his own or with someone else.

When you do your job with your heart and soul, you essentially devote a great deal of your time to that job.

You work hard to contribute to someone else’s life, and you do it because you really want to.

This is the kind of altruism that a mature human will respect, regardless of gender.

He or she will see that your job is not just about you and money, but is actually about serving others.

So when your ex realizes it, your ex will likely respect you for your contribution to the world and the happiness you have created for yourself.

And as you’ve probably heard by now, happiness is contagious.

So how do you get your ex to notice your passion at work?

You don’t necessarily have to do anything that shows your eagerness to make the world richer.

You just need to be patient and continue to help others.

Your ex will likely hear about your renewed enthusiasm without you even knowing it.

So keep doing what you are doing without any expectations from your ex.

2) Live life with purpose

If you’re still hoping to find a magic trick on how to make your ex regret breaking up with you, you’re wasting your time.

There’s nothing quite like sending your ex a sneaky message or bragging about how well you performed.

Making your ex regret leaving you doesn’t work that way.

What works, however, is focusing all of your attention on yourself and your new life after the breakup.

This implies that getting back with your ex the right way has nothing to do with your ex.

It has everything to do with you.

That’s why you have to realize that your ex left you because you (sorry my rudeness) weren’t living up to his expectations.

For some reason you weren’t meeting your ex’s needs, so now you need to show your ex that you can make them happy.

There is no better way to do this than to indirectly show your ex that you are capable of taking care of your own needs.

And that’s because taking care of yourself is appealing.

He exudes confidence and high self-esteem.

So stay consistent and surround yourself with positivity. It might help a mature ex realize that you are able to provide for her as well.

Your ex just needs to become receptive first and notice your positive changes.

You can’t lose focusing on yourself

Your ex first fell in love with you because you were happy and complete as a person.

You felt perfectly fine being on your own, so you were technically as attractive as you can get.

This time, however, you are at a disadvantage.

Your ex probably sees you in a negative light, so changing your ex’s perception of you could take a very long time.

No one knows for how long (if ever) because each person is different.

But provided your ex understands his feelings, you may be able to influence your ex again after they let go of the pain and negative associations with you.

You can slowly change your ex’s opinion about you by gradually working your way up, day at a time, to get the old negative perception of your ex out of his head.

And as you do, replace it with the new one and get better and make your ex just focus on the present.

But then again, you don’t have to be trying to jump the gun and focus on your ex right now. Not if you’re still in the early stages of having no contact or if your ex is dating someone else.

You need to understand that your ex is not part of your post-breakup self-improvement plan.

Your relationship has gone from 2 to 1, so act that way for now.

Go back there and find something other than your ex to live on.

What are your hobbies and who do you like spending time with?

Find out what you need to do on your own and find out how you are going to do it.

Re-examine your life, your passion, your goals and ambitions and do it with such enthusiasm that you will start enjoying life without your ex again.

It’s time to shine.

3) get past your ex

You won’t make your ex regret leaving you if you don’t get over it.

As long as you still bite your ex and need him to feel satisfied, you unfortunately don’t have the power to influence your ex.

When you always focus on the person who “completes” you, you are inadvertently craving your ex’s attention and remaining trustworthy.

You demand the attention of an ex who doesn’t love you anymore.

And that is why you must now show the opposite.

You need to indirectly tell your ex that you are okay with being single or with someone else and immediately start recovering from your ex.

It might take you half a year or more to get over your ex completely, but don’t give up just because the process is taking a long time.

Keep fighting one of the worst difficult situations a person can go through and you will eventually pull away from your ex.

Remember that all breakups are difficult. They are so ridiculously difficult for people of all ages.

But only dumpees who stay true to the rule of indefinite no-contact and prioritize themselves can eventually transform back and reconnect with an ex.

Sometimes couples reunite after years and completely forget about their negative traits and characteristics.

These couples have the highest probability of staying together.

And the reason is that the time apart helps them become the people they needed years ago.

Therefore, you also need to use your time and get over your ex so that you can focus on what really matters – you.

It is imperative for you to correct your shortcomings in your spare time so that your relationship can get a second chance.

While your ex may forget some not-so-good parts of you months after the break-up when the nostalgia kicks in, he probably won’t see you any differently unless he notices that the new good wins out over time. thunder on the bad of the past.

So focus on yourself and indirectly show your ex that you no longer need them to live their life happily.

Show her that you have the ability to be strong despite the unbelievable hardships of the breakup, and that you can find your own happiness without your ex’s help.

Strength and confidence is what you are looking for.

Forget your ex

In order for your ex to regret leaving you, you have to forget about your ex.

You need to demonstrate that your life isn’t around him and that you can have as much if not more fun without him.

And you can only do that when you’ve got past your ex.

You don’t necessarily have to say anything to your ex to show him that you are right about him.

All you have to do is leave him alone long enough for him to notice himself.

When he does, he will realize that you no longer have any expectations of him and might even feel slightly intrigued by your strength.

From then on, his respect for you might start to grow, as well as his magnetic attraction to you.

And when he feels himself pulled towards you, all he needs is something or someone to push him once and for all.

It could be a breakup, an argument in a new relationship, health issues, etc.

So make sure you appear as reliable as possible so that your ex may want to be on the team again.

4) become the best version of yourself

If there’s anything that might make your ex regret losing you, it’s when you become the person your ex always wanted you to be.

When you become a person of great value, you can without reasoning, cry, beg, and plead, show your ex that you have the potential to be a reliable partner.

So start changing your personality after the breakup by identifying your shortcomings and contributing to greater good.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to get your ex to know that he missed someone remarkable.

You will do it with the law of attraction.

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