How do I know if he regrets leaving me?

A question that bothers us after coming out of a serious relationship is whether he regrets losing and hurting you or not, right? And, until we get our answer, it becomes more difficult to find inner peace.

It’s not a secret but a hard fact that makes SUCK burst! They sting you on a personal level, you lose your grip on reality, and the mere thought of getting back together takes you on some of the most bizarre mental journeys you could have taken.

What if he’s happier than before? What if he’s gone? What if he starts dating a new chick? What if he still wanted to break up with me? It becomes impossible to think beyond these questions.

But still, the only thing that keeps you going is the thought that has evolved or not?

While one answer separates you, the other keeps you stable. Yes, he still hasn’t moved, he regrets breaking up with you, causing you both sadness. Did it make your heart beat? * Definitely Yes * This is probably why you are reading this here.

We obviously can’t tell you how to make him regret losing you right now. Only he knows the reason he dumped you. But, surely we can tell you some strong signs if you still miss and regret for the same.

So wipe away your tears and check the clues to see if he regrets losing and hurting you.

1. He checks you often

If he broke up with you very recently (something like an hour back or yesterday, or even a week), he definitely regrets it. But it can be a temporary feeling due to the dynamic change her life has taken. If it’s been a while since he broke up with you but still calls you asking how you are doing, showing interest in yourself and your personal life, well guess what?

He regrets it. He can’t stop thinking about you.

And if he’s even texting or following that Snapchat sequence, you know he already wants you back. But be careful, it could also be him who wants you just for physical stuff.

So, has he checked you recently?

2. The only confused bird

Whether in real life or on social media, whatever human interactive space he is in, if he chooses to be alone, well that’s because he doesn’t want to lose this chance. to come back with you.

Whenever you see him he is reading, listening to music or even walking, whatever he is doing, he seems confused and out of place.

Much like a misplaced piece in your window that ruins the full feel of it. And when you have the chance to talk to him face to face, he stays mom.

He has nothing to say as he fumbles, trying to pull himself together, that’s when you know he feels the remorse he caused himself for letting you go.

3. The phase of the conscious drunkard

You can drink for many reasons, but he will come out drinking just to get you out of his mind. People will say things that he comes up with and in doing so he tries to pick a random person from a bar.

But the reality is, his friends know that every time he drinks he will talk about you. In an attempt to forget about you for a while, he will find himself with you and the moments you shared together.

Did he compose you in the evening when he was drunk? (Hope that’s a yes you just said!) Well, that’s another sign.

He won’t sleep or even flirt with people who hit him. He prefers to sit and drink on his own, consume with the two of you in mind, probably dreaming of being together.

Just ask around and you’ll know he’s doing it, or if you see his social media filled with a photo or two so people know he’s drinking and neither of him is showing he have a good time, well that’s to realize how miserable he is without you.

4. Social media publications

His stories outside of releases will be filled with song posts or just posts meant to lift one up. He would share them so you know he’s done with you, but in reality, he’s not. He’s the one who tries his best to accept that the two of you are finished but fails miserably.

And if you look closely, his guilt is shown somewhere there. And when you find him, you’ll know how much he truly regrets the breakup.

So, are you still following him on social media? If so, be sure to keep your analytical eye open.

5. Life changes

Do you remember all his habits that you didn’t like? You would tell him to change that and he will shrug his shoulders and ask you to accept him as he is. And now when you are no longer together, you would actually see him get rid of those same habits.

Try to remember everything that you didn’t like about him every day and take real action to change them.

Anyone who interacts with him will notice that he is changing and will say that the breakup has done him good. But you know all of these changes were your idea. And he who is trying to change for the better is not his complete selfish desire. This is his redemption. He’s the one trying to get you back.

6. The best friend role

He would contact you, be there, maybe to keep you hanged. But, to really know how you are doing, he will contact your best friend. And you would do the same from time to time. Remember that this plays a pivotal role. If either of you didn’t want the relationship to last, you wouldn’t care that much about the other.

So look for your best friend. Ask if he has called or texted them and talked about the two of you and made an effort to call more people to know you. It shows how much he still cares.

So, did your best friend tell you anything?

7. Visible effort

If the two of you are separating in speaking terms, well, this sign is all for you. You will see him put everything on the line to spend more time with you. Always be there to cheer yourself up, trying to make plans.

He would talk over and over again about how valuable you are and how you deserve better while striving to be that person himself. He would be the first person to respond when you ask for help, the first person to like and / or respond to all of your messages.

To you, he would feel like the friend you never want to lose. But in reality, he never stopped loving you / you. All this to bring you back. He may not say it out loud because his ego is something he is clinging to, or he would feel too shy to admit his wrongdoing because of all the accumulated guilt.

But his actions speak volumes and even if you do your best to ignore him, you won’t be able to recognize his efforts.

8. Withdrawal from the company

It doesn’t seem like he’s alone, but he’s definitely alone. Even in a room surrounded by all of his friends, he won’t be as responsive as usual. But you would all see him paying attention whenever you or the relationship arose. He would try to spend as much time as possible with you so that the feeling of loneliness would go away.

It’s just that without you, he really can’t survive. The smallest things remind you. From places to food, bedtime movies to bed.

He sees you both everywhere, always more, because you are not by his side. It definitely causes her to feel lost in you. So he would call or just drop a simple text while trying to start a conversation to feel normal again. To no longer feel alone.

9. Act as if nothing had happened

After everything that happened, your ex would act like you never broke up. Asking your day would be the least. He would try to probe your personal life, the people you met, the conversations that came to you and the kinds.

He would try to be your wall again, the one you would go to first with whatever happened to you.

Just like the two of you were when you were together. Good evening and good morning wishes, those kiss and heart emoji, cute ways to answer your calls, recall the past and use old nicknames would become a normal thing. And by the time you really realize what’s going on, you already feel in a relationship.

Do you still get messages like this? Then my friend he definitely regrets losing you and hurting you and still very much in you.

10. The call

Finally, the call or the first call after a few days without speaking is the most important. The way the conversation goes is important, but the way he takes your call is most important.

Few rings but no answer, he’s happy without you. Two rings but he lands, well he tries his best to get past you both, but he fails badly and wants you all the time.

And if he picks up instantly, you know he’s waiting to talk to you. Know that he didn’t even bother to forget you. That’s what you mean to him. The tone when he greets you on the call is enough for you to know what he feels for you.

The final thoughts

If all of these things happen to you, then he surely hasn’t budged! He may regret his actions and try to win you back! If you’ve been expecting the exact same thing, try again – and just hope this time it’s for a lifetime.

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