How to make colored halos in Photoshop?

The Photoshop application is widely used to make up and improve the appearance of photographs and images, but you can also apply surprising effects such as creating colored halos and giving a magical and creative appearance to your photographs . You may find that using this tool is a bit complicated, but it is not. I invite you to continue reading the article and thus you will learn to create colored halos and duplicate these images with effects, in a simple way.

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  1. What does it take to create colored halos in Photoshop?
    1. Create a solid fill layer
    2. A layer to paint
    3. A fill layer with gradient map
  2. How to make and apply a halo that has the gradient color?
  3. How is a halo duplicated and color changed?

What does it take to create colored halos in Photoshop?

There are many effects that you can apply to any photo with Photoshop, but here we will talk about halos . Creating a halo with rainbow effects in the photo and that provides a magical appearance, is very easy and simple with this tool. If you pay attention you will see how to achieve it and what it takes to create colorful halos.

Create a solid fill layer

It is very important that when designing the colorful halo effects, create a solid fill layer, because this allows it to be filled , either with a solid color or a gradient. This will not affect the layers underneath in any way. It can also be adjusted to create opacity effects. It will certainly be of great help to you in the final result.

A layer to paint

You must create an empty layer to paint and with it you will proceed to choose the color and thickness of the brush to paint. After choosing the brush, you choose the opacity, brush settings, path transition and you start painting with the color you chose in the gradient, marking the different strokes as the colorful halo will be made.

A fill layer with gradient map

The gradient tool will allow you to create a gradual union between different colors. You can choose fills with gradient colors that are already preset or, on the contrary, create your own gradients. You just have to create the layer with the gradient map, choose the color and try all the gradient alternatives that are shown for that color and apply, click on it and click ok.

For example, if you choose a particular color, so you can select the same color, but with a different gradient, that is, increasingly lighter to have the fill layer with a gradient map. At the end you touch ok.

How to make and apply a halo that has the gradient color?

Once the fill layer with gradient map is created, you go back to the panel where you have the other layers, you select them and they will all be in a group from layers. Click on the paint layer, adjust the brush strokes and begin to mark the halo with the gradient colors that you have chosen.

You can draw the halo curve with the brush with different strokes, it is important to modify the size of the canvas correctly and choose the opacity and thickness in each curve stroke. At the end you can go to the brushes and apply effects with a splash brush , to add effects along the traced curves.

How is a halo duplicated and color changed?

Once the halo strokes with gradient colors are finished, click on the paint layer and with the right button click on duplicate layer, then click on ok. In this duplicated layer, you go to layer options and click on linear position , then you go to filter and blur and choose the Gaussian blur option, and the effect of preference is searched.

And if you want to create another halo you can select the entire group of layers and with the right button you duplicate the entire group of layers, click ok and then enter the fill layer with a gradient map and choose a different color, apply the different shades of gradient. Then you choose the entire group of layers, press the control key in combination with the letter T, mark the designed halo. Later, with the right button you click on flip horizontal, you will see the halo with another color and position. All this just using Photoshop .

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