How to make animations with neon or Glowing effect in After Effects?

In the various social networks it is common to find different videos that have an effect that resembles neon lights. This effect is very old, although it is fashionable today. The effect can be performed manually and easily, for it discovers how to make animations with Glowing neon or effect in After Effects, as easy as making cartoon style animations Flat Design in After Effects.

The neon effect or also called Glowing requires patience to do it, because it takes a while to animate each aspect and configure it to achieve the expected result.

How to start making neon or Glowing animations in After Effects?

The initial thing to make animations with Glowing neon or effect in After Effects is to open the video or object that is going to work. After this it is necessary to open the composition and double-click on its bar in the space of time.

You must have wisdom to use the options menu, similar to the process of using the Adobe Photoshop toolbar.

In the upper part, two tabs will be displayed, the new one that was opened is the one that allows you to draw pictures on the video to make the animation. A entering the tab will proceed to select the “Paintbrush” tool on the right side properties and settings it should appear.

If these do not appear to be selected ” Window ” in the general options located at the top of the interface of the system and there should click on the ” brush ” and then ” paint “. In this way, the brush tool management window will be enabled.

It is important that the option ” Duration ” of the brush configuration window is marked in “Single Frame” . If this appears in ” Constant ” it is necessary to change it, since this way the animations with neon or Glowing effect will not work in After Effects.


And with the brush set will proceed to make animated elements. To generate that effect of movement that is regularly seen in videos with Glowing, it must be done frame by frame.

Using key “is necessary Re-pag “ of the keyboard to advance frame by frame in the video and streamline the process so that it does not become tedious. With this clear, the process would consist of drawing a short line, then passing a frame and then continuing the line. This will give the effect of continuity throughout the video playback.

It is not necessary that the lines are perfect, since the playback speed of the video will not be felt much the details as if they were static.

Apply the neon or Glowing effect to animations

By following the steps correctly, you can do anything, including adding other types of effects like Liquid Glitch transition in After Effects easily.

Once all the lines or elements are ready, a new solid must be created. To do this, look in the upper bar for the option “ Layer ” and select “ New ” and finally “ Solid ”.

Next, a new solid configuration window will appear. You must place a name, also apply the black color, since without this the effect will not work as you want. Then you select ” Ok “.

Then in the object corresponding to the video an arrow will be selected that will display the objects and effects that compose it. Once a displayed “will be selected Effects ” and “will be displayed Paint “, where they will all drawings on the video.

You must open that tab and select all the elements corresponding to the drawings that are there. To facilitate this, select the first one and press the ” Shift ” key to select the last one.


Once selected all the items should go to the “option Edit ” on the top bar of the program and press ” Copy “. Then you must click on the solid created and press ” Paste ” also located in the “window Edit “.

In the ” Mode ” tab of the solid it should be placed in ” Screen ” and then go to the ” Effects ” tab at the top, click on ” Stylize ” and finally choose “Glow”. In order to have created animations with neon or Glowing effect in After Effects without worrying about changing the language in Adobe After Effects.


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