How to disable Joyful Animations in Outlook Web App

A relatively new feature in is Joyful Animations . This feature adds animation to words that convey expressions such as greetings, compliments, and congratulations in your email.While this is good, not all of us might like it. So if you prefer to eliminate those unnecessary joyful animations, Outlook Web App offers an easy way to turn them off.


  1. Disable joyful animations in
  • 1] Accessing Outlook settings
  • 2] Disable the joyful animation in the reading pane.

Disable joyful animations in

Joyful animations appear when you receive an email in the Outlook Web App Reading Pane. If these emails contain any word that expresses surprise or strong emotion (for example, Greetings, Happy Birthday, etc.) and you hover over them, a downpour or a little glitter rain appears.

If you don’t like these joyful animations, you can turn them off as follows:

  1. Accessing Outlook preferences
  2. Disable the joyful animation in the reading bar

Please note that joyful animations are only visible in the modern version of Outlook Web App

1] Accessing Outlook settings


When prompted to sign in, enter your email address and password and press hit Enter ‘.

Then click the Settings icon ‘displayed in the upper right corner and select the View Outlook Settings ‘ option . This can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

2] Disable the joyful animation in the reading pane.

In the left pane, select ” Mail ” and ” Compose and Reply ” from ” Layout ” after that.

Now scroll down until you find the Joyful Animations option . By default, this setting is turned on and reads – Outlook automatically displays a holiday splash of colorful shapes in the Reading Pane when you open a message that contains words such as “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations.”

To turn off these animations, simply uncheck the box next to it.

The action, when confirmed, will instantly disable “Happy Animations” on

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