How To Show hidden messages on Facebook page

If you receive unwanted messages or something that cannot be posted on your Facebook page, what do you do?You can simply hide it from your page and no one can see it – but remember that in this digital world, anything is possible. ZoomSphere has developed a tool called ” Hidden Post Explorer” that can extract all hidden posts from Facebook page and display them for you!

Show hidden messages on Facebook page

The Hidden Posts Explorer tool works for all pages. Nothing can be hidden in the pages now. You can read all posts made by people that have been hidden by the admin or page manager. To confirm that the post is still on Facebook, you can click the “Link to the original post” button in the upper right corner of each post, and you will be redirected to that same post on Facebook.

If you find the post interesting, you can view the user who created the post, you can view his / her information, wall and short bio. Now there is no point in hiding posts, since they are available to everyone. This is a big blow to Facebook’s privacy.

By creating this tool, ZoomSphere gave Facebook a big challenge. Facebook can now update its codes and continue to protect the privacy of its users, but so far this tool is working and can reveal much of Facebook’s hidden information.

Hidden Post Explorer is free and runs online (no download required). This is the tacit privacy of Facebook and the indirect privacy of your own Facebook page, so think twice before hiding anything.

Hidden Explorer Post

Click here to go to the Hidden Post from ZoomSphere. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you!

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