How to make an Excel document created on Mac compatible with Windows

When it comes time to share a file, whether it is within the workplace or any other, it merits many techniques. With regard to spreadsheets, making an Excel document compatible is not difficult, since everything can be completed through the same software in the suite.

As technology has evolved, so has the exponential growth and improvement of the programs that complement it.

This clearly includes a suite as indispensable as Microsoft’s. Well, it is the most used to complete tasks that are directly related to the manipulation of information.

Since this program also constitutes its operations, making an Excel document compatible is a mandatory aspect within the options. Well, over the years it has been noticed how indispensable and important its use is.

In this way, and through this space, we will talk about the possible format conversions that can be made to spreadsheets. So that each user can share their files with those they need.

Why is it necessary to make an Excel document compatible between operating systems?

It seems that the use of sheets and prints has remained in the past, or is used only in stationery of greater importance. Since many entities (including companies) have adopted digitization as a measure for reading and acquiring documents.

Spreadsheets are indispensable tools within the areas that require the management and modification of databases to carry out their work.

That is why within the business areas the availability of these documents is required based on any format or extension. All with the purpose that it can be handled by all members of the workplace .

Learn how to make an Excel document compatible between operating systems

Within the office spaces it is common for each member to work through a different team than the others. In this case, when a file that was composed from a Mac computer to a Windows must be shared .

Although it seems impossible due to the reputation of rivalry and the functional characteristics that accompany each one, content can be shared between both operating systems.

Since we are talking about spreadsheets, making an Excel document that was created on a Mac computer compatible is really easy. Since it all depends on the extension format you use , so that you can read it within Windows. However, if you also want to open and edit a document on your Android device , it is possible to do so using Polaris.

Steps to ensure compatibility of an Excel document created on Mac with Windows

Microsoft Office, by default, stores Excel sheets via the “XLSX” extension. Extension that enables reading for the latest versions of this suite on Windows.

In case you consider finding ourselves under the possibility that anyone can use versions prior to these, there is another format that ensures compatibility.

Once the editing within the Excel sheet is open or finished, open the “File” tab and click on “Save as …”.

Inside the small window, locate the space where you want to store the document. Display the “Format” menu to change the one established by ” Excel 97-2004 book “.

This extension enables any version after 1997 that is installed on a computer to be read even if it is a document shared by another person.

At the end of this change, all that remains is to click on the “Save” button and start sharing the file within your work area.

Compatibility within areas ends up being of the utmost importance. Well, so far we have seen how important and necessary it is to make an Excel document compatible.

Everything operates with the purpose of increasing comforts and interpersonal relationships within these areas. Where more than one partner can enjoy the comfort of handling a document, regardless of its origin.

Working through databases is very important today . That is why it is necessary to learn how to share these types of files when it is really necessary, such as importing the data from an Excel document to an OpenOffice database .


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