How to Convert and Export Publisher Files to High Resolution Graphics

A computer has become part of the list of basic needs of each person and family. Just as office automation programs have been, formed as an important element in the preparation of documents . A good example of this is its ability to convert and export Publisher files into high resolution graphics.

Given this scenario, it is important to learn to handle each and every one of the programs that are installed on your computer and quickly become familiar with the tools and functions that they put at your disposal.

Unleash your imagination

One of the areas that have benefited the most from all the programs and devices developed throughout the so-called digital age, without a doubt, has been the area of ​​design .

Invitations, brochures, brochures, letters, curriculum summaries, even newspaper templates . There are more and more programs that specialize in structuring these types of documents. Some, as basic as they may be, have enough tools to meet your needs .

However, as you learn to master a program, you realize that you are capable of many things, therefore, your demands vary and you should try other types of programs.

An opportunity for Microsoft Publisher

Whether you want to give basic programs a second chance or you are in the process of learning about these types of programs, if your decision has been to use Microsoft Publisher , you are right.

This software, which for many years was very popular, today goes unnoticed due to its basic functions. Despite all this, it will always be worth taking a look.

What does Publisher allow you to do?

When it comes to desktop publishing or document design programs that need to be printed, Publisher is one of the first options that would come to mind. This program has a wide variety of templates to create the invitation card of your dreams.

Only that? But of course not! Newsletters, calendars, announcements, catalogs, menus, among many other things. Publisher has for you an interesting amount of tools so that you let your imagination flow and show what you are capable of.

Compatibility with other programs

Now, when you do not need to make any printing, Publisher can also be very useful, given its compatibility with other office automation programs, especially those that belong to the same line of Microsoft, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

You did not know? Find out! There is the possibility of including the designs that you have developed in your presentation, Word document or spreadsheet, saving it as a high resolution graphic .

High-resolution graphics with Publisher

This can be very helpful to give a distinctive touch to any other project you are carrying out, an element that, without a doubt, will be very attractive to many people.

That is why learning how to save your Publisher designs as high-resolution graphics is one of those operations that you must learn to surprise more than one of your colleagues in your office or classroom.

Instructions to follow

Carrying out this procedure is much easier than you might imagine. When it comes to high-resolution graphics , there may be a certain degree of difficulty, but you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

In this opportunity, you will only have to follow a series of very simple instructions to achieve this task and include your Publisher design in other files . Prepared?

  • After completing your design, click on the “File” tab.
  • Select the option “Save as …”.
  • Choose the destination.
  • Give your file a name.
  • In the “Type” section, it is recommended to select options related to graphics interchange formats or GIF, JPG or PNG files.
  • Save the document.

Mission accomplished!

Do you see how easy it was? Surely you have needed to read it more than once to believe it. But yeah, that’s all you need to do to save your layout in Publisher as a high-resolution graphic, all ready for inclusion in other documents . What are you waiting to check out this and other Publisher tools? You may also be interested in learning how to  put and create a personal watermark .


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