How to know which delivery applications work in my city

Nowadays for people it is much easier and simpler to request delivery services for greater comfort, and thus avoid leaving their homes, that is why Orders Now is one of these online stores that allows us to order food to different parts .

The best thing about it is that we can make qualifications within the Order Now application , through our mobile using of course the Play Store, likewise it has a wide system of different offers for those who want to satisfy their palate and their nutritional needs.

How to know if orders have already arrived at my address to place an order

It should be noted that the current Global Pandemic by COVID-19 has significantly affected all online food stores , failing that, because most people use the “at home” mode.

That is why the use of the Orders application has already spread to many more people. In the same way, if you are one of those people who start to use this app, here we are going to explain the steps to know if Orders have already arrived at my address to place an order.

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  1. How to know which delivery applications work in my city
  2. What are the advantages of online delivery applications?
  3. Where can I find establishments that have online delivery service?
  4. How the Orders NOW app works
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    2. How do I order?
    3. Payment method
    4. Returns
    5. Suggest restaurants
  5. More delivery apps you can use
    1. Rappi
    2. Uber eats
    3. Didi food
    4. No apron

How to know which delivery applications work in my city

This question is very frequent in the new users of the platform, but indeed yes, Orders Now comes to your house . The cost and time of arrival at your home will depend on the sector where you are located and the distance.

This is usually between 90 minutes and 60 minutes depending, and the best thing is that when paying, it can be online or at the time of the arrival of the product .

Orders Now, it offers us another option, if you cannot find the restaurant you are looking for on the page, you can add it to the list in your own way , if we look at the end of the platform there is an option of links to do it effectively, and so on in this way you can enjoy everything that this great page offers for you.

What are the advantages of online delivery applications?

After its great success in the delivery market , the Orders application has already become the favorite of all fans, due to this it created a parallel ordering model. With the specific objective of greatly increasing its expansion throughout the national territory. In order to somehow promote its transformation in the digital field.

The first model we could say that basically is to connect the public with the food of a specific restaurant, since this way the delivery people could deliver the product more easily to the customer.

And the next one consists in some way in which throughout our country a delivery service of its own is set up. Similarly, this store intends to add various business segments, such as pharmacies and supermarkets, in order to expand further. By doing the latter, they would have greater possibilities of increasing the customers and users who need the delivery service , and in this way cover their needs mostly.

That said, it is pertinent to know that Orders Now has a very well-paid salary for those who wish to work in this company , offering great benefits and all its workers and equipment in general.

Where can I find establishments that have online delivery service?

Currently most establishments have an online delivery service . This in order to improve their sales and take them to a new market where there are more customers. The stores that have this service are many and you can find them worldwide.

Each country has its own apps, which the stores take advantage of to offer their services. However, they all share elements such as payment methods and the way to order. Always looking for ease and comfort for any type of client.

How the Orders NOW app works

To begin, when we enter the page we will find an aesthetic site that leaves us a very clear idea that it is expressly about food, right there they ask us to place our location in order to observe the offers available in that store.

If we continue exploring we can see that it shows us the associated restaurants that work hand in hand with Orders Now , but if we are still not convinced of what we are going to obtain or buy, we can take into account the evaluations and comments of customers who have already used this quick method,


Within this page there is a catalog of possible meals and choices also depending on our location. Likewise, on the left side of the screen, we will find a filter system to sort the searches we have done and thus make our choice much faster and more efficient.

When we select a food establishment, we can immediately appreciate the great variety and quantity of products offered , ordered by types and categories, in the same way as if it were a menu.

How do I order?

To place an order, you will have to use the Orders NOW application, it is free in the Play Store and its installation is simple like that of any app. Once inside the app, you will have to select a restaurant from those available.

In this step you will be able to choose any restaurant you prefer, you will have to scroll through the initial screen to see all the options. Once you have done this, you will have to mark which is the dish or food you want. In the same way, you will have several options depending on the restaurant you choose.

Payment method

To finish you have to select a payment method , this can be by debit card, credit and even cash. So if you select this last option, you will have to cancel when the product is delivered to you.


For claims and returns , orders already have a telephone number, which you can call from Monday to Friday. The number for this is (0800-684-191-35) and you can contact them both to request a return and for any other claim to the company.

Suggest restaurants

To suggest a restaurant, you will have to fill out a form on the official Order Now page. You must bear in mind that you will be asked for certain information such as the name, location and services offered by the restaurant.

More delivery apps you can use

Orders It is no longer the only company in charge of providing services of this kind. Currently there are other companies that also have this service and depending on your needs you may require the services of one or the other.


Rappi is a widely used app to order food at home, with them you can choose from a large catalog of restaurants and menus. Its operation is simple and intuitive, so you will not have to make too much effort to use it. This app has the usual payment methods so you can pay with whatever is most comfortable for you.
Something interesting about this app is that it not only allows us to order food deliveries, but also medicines. This by making use of their pharmacy service, which works in the same way as the food service.

Uber eats

Uber Eats is another of the apps that you can try if you want to order food at home , its platform is intuitive and easy to use. You will only have to download its app from the Play Store to start using it.

Didi food

The DIDI Food app can be obtained for free in the app store. This app, like others like it, has a catalog in which you will find restaurants near you. From which you can order one or more dishes.

DIDI Food is widely used for large purchases for family dinners , its service is fast and it does not take any time to order.

No apron

Sin Apron is an app that works internationally, which you can take advantage of to request food at any time of the day. It is characterized by having fast shipments and for being an app that provides a fairly inexpensive service. This makes it especially popular in the home delivery market.


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