How to know the financial situation of a person

A group of Canadian scientists has established an apparent relationship between the expression of a person’s face and his financial situation . Do you want to know how much is literally written on your forehead? Take an “insight” look and approach the mirror.

Psychologists from the University of Toronto conducted an experiment in which they made an unexpected conclusion: neutral – that is, devoid of clearly manifested emotions – the facial expression can tell a lot about your economic well-being. An attentive observer will also be able to determine to which social class you belong: it turned out that a successful or not very life experience always changes the features of the person, imposing on them a certain definite emotional imprint. And if a person at the moment is happy about something, is surprised or, on the contrary, is offended or upset by something, it is more difficult to consider it a “financial inside story” – a calm expression is needed for this.

From here you can draw an interesting conclusion, says psychologist Tora Bjornsdottir, one of the authors of the experiment: people with “rich” or “poor” people from the very first minutes of acquaintance get different chances in terms of further development of relations. This can especially affect the results of job interviews . “Such a first impression easily turns into a” self-fulfilling prophecy “- the attitude to you of the interlocutor unknowingly arises from the first minutes of acquaintance and begins to influence your possibilities,” explains the psychologist.

 How did scientists come to such conclusions? They suggested several dozen volunteers to be photographed with the most neutral, emotionless expression. After that, the photos of the participants were divided into groups – depending on the amount of their income. And then another group of participants in the experiment was offered, considering the photo, guess how much the person depicted on it is provided with money or needs money.

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