How to know how much data an app consumes

Knowing how much data an app consumes is essential if we have a data plan that is adjusted and we want to control consumption to see if an application should continue to have it on our mobile or not, it also allows us to decide when to have it active and not use it in the background permanently.

An advantage is that you do not need any special tool to be able to keep control of this. If you want to know how much data an app consumes, both on an Android terminal and on an iPhone, you only need to enter the menu and verify the native option included in the operating systems.

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How much data does an app consume on an iPhone?

The procedure to know the data consumption of your apps on iPhone is simple:

  • First you must go to the settings menu , then you must select the option Mobile data or Settings and then Mobile data.
  • Once there you must go to the bottom to see the applications that consume mobile data , there you can verify the consumption.
  • In this option you can also choose to restrict the use of mobile data for a specific app and it will only use data when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • You can also find out if a system service is using data and how much it consumes, to do this, click at the bottom of the Mobile data menu in the Mobile data or settings section and there you will find System services.

How much data consumes an app on an Android

If your terminal is an Android device, you can also learn natively how to keep track of the data consumption of your apps:

  • You must enter the settings menu and there you will find the option Data use
    Once there you will find an option called Use of mobile data and you must click on it.
  • Upon entering, it will show you a graph with the use of data in general and below it will be the list of applications that consume mobile data and the amount.
  • As with iPhone, you can choose to limit data usage by limiting automatic connections and in this case it will only use data when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

It is important to note that this option is present in all Android terminals, although not in the same way within the menu , since its location will depend on the design used for each layer of personalization.

Apps to control the use of mobile data

My Data Manager

It is a very simple and intuitive app to control mobile data consumption. With this application you will be able to have a daily control of all the data consumed by each of your applications and you will also be able to choose how it is consumed, to avoid that your monthly plan is exceeded by any of them.

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