How to invite friends to participate in a Facebook live?

Live videos are one of the tools for interaction with the public that generates a greater closeness with the users who follow your account. By making a live video on Facebook, you have the possibility of inviting viewers to share a screen with you in the broadcast of the video. For which you must apply the appropriate procedure according to the device you will use .

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  1. How many people can be invited to a Facebook live or live?
  2. How to make a Facebook direct sharing the camera with many people?
    1. Direct from PC
    2. Group direct from mobile
    3. How to draw on a Facebook live with a guest?
    4. What should be done to filter a Facebook live with invited people?

How many people can be invited to a Facebook live or live?

When you do a live broadcast on Facebook, you can only share your screen with a particular user . This feature is common to all devices that allow you to broadcast live, whether you want to broadcast live from a PC or from your mobile device.

However, keep in mind that even though you cannot broadcast with multiple users at the same time; you will be able to invite as many users as you wish to broadcast the same direct; adding a participant and removing it before adding another.

How to make a Facebook direct sharing the camera with many people?

The way to invite a user to your live broadcast on Facebook will depend on the device you use to broadcast the video. Performing the proper procedure will allow you to offer a better experience to your viewers.

Direct from PC

To add a person to your live broadcast, you must first start the broadcast in a conventional way . Entering your Facebook profile and selecting the section called ‘Start live broadcast’ at the top of the main window.

In addition, before or after starting the live broadcast, you can invite friends to be aware of your broadcast . After this, when you already have an audience watching your transmission, to invite any of the users; you must select it from the list of viewers and click on the ‘Add’ box.

After the person you invited accepts the invitation to participate in the live, they will appear next to you on the broadcast screen. You can also approve a user’s participation in the live show , by selecting the ‘Approve’ box, which will appear next to the user’s name in the list of viewers.

Finally, when you want to end your guest’s participation in the broadcast, you must select the ‘X’ icon; next to the sale in which the guest appears.

Group direct from mobile

To invite people to broadcast the live video from your mobile device, whether it is Android or iPhone, you must enter your Facebook account and go to the box identified as ‘Live’. This section is located at the top of the screen, in the ‘News’ window.

Once you are there, you must select the box called ‘Start live video’ to start streaming from your device. Before or after this step, you can select the option identified as ‘Invite friend’, so that the users you choose will receive a notification that you are making a transmission. Although some of them could deactivate the notifications of the direct ones that their friends make.

After some users are watching your broadcast, you should select the ‘+’ icon and then the tool called ‘With a friend’. Now you will have to select the user you want to invite to share a screen in your live broadcast and tap on the ‘Add’ box.

When the user you invited to the live approves the invitation to join, they will appear with you on the screen. People who are watching your live on Facebook can also request to join the broadcast on their own. In this case, select the ‘Approve’ section, which appears next to the name of the user who made the request.

Finally, when you want to terminate the participation of the other user, you must select the ‘X’ icon . This appears on the screen next to the guest.

How to draw on a Facebook live with a guest?

The procedure for drawing during a live broadcast on the broadcast screen that you share with a guest, includes the same steps for each of the different devices in which you broadcast.

Puedes activar la opción de dibujo en la pantalla antes o durante la transmisión del directo, así como antes o durante la participación de un invitado. Parra ello, debes seleccionar la varita con punta de estrella, que se encuentra en la parte inferior de la ventana de la transmisión; correspondiente a los filtros.

Following this, you must select the icon that is identified with a pencil, this is the function that will allow them to draw on the screen during the transmission of the video. You can choose the color you prefer to use for the drawing, by tapping on the pencil. When you want to disable the drawing tool, tap on the icon to disable the pencil, which is next to it.

What should be done to filter a Facebook live with invited people?

If you want to broadcast live on Facebook using any of the filters available on the social network; You must first access the profile from which you want to broadcast and select the ‘Live’ box. Which is at the top of the news window; whether you use the application on an Android device, iPhone, or from the computer, where it is identified as ‘Start live transmission’.

Now, before or after you have started the transmission and you have invited a person to your screen; you must select the icon of a star-tipped wand . This icon represents the filter gallery, and is located next to the button to start the live broadcast.

When you are in the filter gallery, drag the section to the left to explore the available ones. After you locate the filter you want to use, tap on it and it will be set on the broadcast screen. To disable the filter, select the disable option that appears next to the filter list.

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