How To Fix;”I log out of Tinder and keep appearing online”

In the same way that it happens with other social interaction applications, Tinder is no exception in terms of platform failures . Performing the proper procedure to log out of your Tinder account will allow you to reduce the risk of suffering some of the most frequent errors on the platform. Each device has a particular procedure , which will lead to successful logout.

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  1. What are the most common problems with the platform?
  2. Procedure to log out of Tinder correctly
    1. On PC
    2. In the mobile app
  3. Why do I keep showing up online when I log out of my Tinder account?
    1. What can I do to fix this problem on my profile?

What are the most common problems with the platform?

Some of the most common Tinder glitches occur sporadically, but when they do occur they can be quite tedious. However, the application gives the corresponding solution in each case, it is quite simple and allows you to enjoy a better experience on the platform.

  • You cannot log in: This is due exclusively to maintenance on the platform or a weak connection to the server. In each case, you will only have to wait a certain period of time to try to log in again; as well as verifying that the connection with the internet network is stable.
  • You cannot verify the email address: This step is key to being part of the platform, but sometimes the use of an email is denied. You must use a unique email for each Tinder account, so make sure you have not used the email address in multiple accounts.
  • There is no one new near you: In general, this inconvenience is due to the fact that there are no new users near the area in which you reside. That is, you have already slid all the users around you. So you can change the location of your profile , as well as increase the search range around you on Tinder.
  • You were suspended on the platform: If the Tinder servers consider that your account has violated the terms of use and privacy policies of the platform, it will suffer a suspension or ban . For this scenario, there is no way to recover the account, since the suspension is permanent. So the best option will be to create a new account on Tinder, and avoid making the same mistake.

Procedure to log out of Tinder correctly

Every time you go through a setup process on Tinder, you must carry it out correctly to avoid errors occurring in your account. The same happens when you want to log out of the platform, since otherwise, you could have problems logging in again.


After you have logged into Tinder through your computer , in order to properly log out, you must go to your profile on the platform. This section is identified with your profile photo and your name, in the upper left corner of the window.

Once there, you will have to slide along the window and locate the option called ‘Sign out’ . In this way, you can log out of your Tinder account without waiting for negative consequences due to a wrong process.

In the mobile app

If you have the Tinder application on an Android or iPhone device , you should know that the procedure to log out is the same for each one. This is because the application offers the same interface on both devices. The first step is to enter the ‘Settings’ section of the application, after entering the tab corresponding to your profile.

Once there, you will have to locate the option identified as ‘Close session’ and touch on it. If you wish, you can allow the option that tells you to save your data to log in automatically the next time. By confirming the logout, you will have completed the procedure successfully.

Why do I keep showing up online when I log out of my Tinder account?

Even when you log out of your account on the platform, your profile will continue to exist, so the matches you have made before logging off can continue to interact with your account as if it were active in the conventional way. Since your information is saved on the platform prior to the closing of the session .

Tinder performs this procedure so that when you are back on the platform, there will be news that you can enjoy; showing your account as if it were open.

What can I do to fix this problem on my profile?

The fact that you appear online on the platform, even after logging out, is not the cause of an error. Once you log out of the platform, it keeps a record of all your data before you logged out; like your matches and location data.

So other users can continue interacting with you , they can slide your profile, send you messages and appear in the nearby area. This will happen for a certain period of time, until it takes a long time for you to log in again. If you delete your account on Tinder, you can get the immediate result to stop appearing online if you are not logged in.

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