How to activate the ‘followers’ option on Facebook

In this era, social networks are used for many things. Some use them just to communicate, post their photos and videos, and share their day with the people they know. Other people often use them for their work and to show other people the products and services they provide.

If you want to create a page to have more followers, here we will show you how you can add this follow button and a few tips so that you can get more followers added to your page.

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  1. What follower options are there on Facebook to choose who can follow a profile?
    1. Without any restriction
    2. Just friends
    3. Friends of friends
  2. What is the way to activate the follow button on a Facebook profile?
    1. From a mobile device
    2. Within a browser
  3. Why hasn’t my number of followers on Facebook increased?

What follower options are there on Facebook to choose who can follow a profile?

If you are thinking of trying to have followers on your Facebook and you do not know what options this application allows you to have, here we will explain the 3 with which this platform works.

Without any restriction

The ‘Unrestricted’ mode allows anyone on Facebook who is willing to follow your profile to do so. They will only have to press the follow button and they will be able to be your followers until they decide to stop following you or you decide to deactivate this option.

Just friends

The ‘Friends only’ mode is also available. Only people who send you a friend request and you accept it can become your followers. In the same way, they will only have to click on the option to follow and they will start making your followers.

Friends of friends

The last mode that allows you to use Facebook when activating the option for other users to follow you is that of “friends of friends”, the limit of this is that not everyone will have access or will be able to follow you if they are not friends with some of the users that are in your friends list on Facebook .

What is the way to activate the follow button on a Facebook profile?

If after explaining the tracking modes that Facebook has, you are interested in activating this option, here we will show you the steps you must take to activate this button.

From a mobile device

If you want to activate the followers option from your phone, you should know that you will have to do it from the browser that your cell phone has installed. There you will enter the official Facebook page and log in with your data.

When you do this, you will enter the 3 lines that are on the right side of your Facebook and then you will look for settings and click on followers. After you do this, a small list will appear that will say who can follow you. There you will have to choose between the three options that we explained to you a moment ago and these are ‘Without any restrictions’, ‘Friends of friends’ and ‘Only friends’.

In addition to who will be able to follow you, there will be other customization options such as who will be able to comment on the posts you place. If you are going to want to receive notifications from all your followers or only from those who are your friends. You can add the follow-up clip of another page of your property through a link or you can also add your Instagram or Twitter profile to it.

After you edit everything to your liking, you will have your page created and you will be able to see it as if it is another user of your property. So you can use it correctly and you can also make changes later if you see it necessary so that more people start following your page .

Within a browser

If in this case you want to make your page from your computer, you have to do or follow all the steps that we mentioned a moment ago, because unfortunately the application for mobile phones does not allow you to make these changes, so you must make them from a browser.

Why hasn’t my number of followers on Facebook increased?

If after adding the follow button, you see that you have not obtained a number of followers that you expected, it is not the fault of the process you have carried out, it is rather that your page may not be as well known. Now we will show you some things that will help you increase the number of followers on your page .

One of the methods you can use is to invite some contacts that you have on your profile. You can send these invitations from your page . Another way is by adding the follow button on a blog or website that you own. So the people who enter these sites might be interested in following you.

If you have created your page to share some kind of video , you can advertise it through them by naming it and placing the page’s own link in the description of that video that you have created and published.

The last option we have for you to increase the number of followers of your page is that you use the link on your page and add it to your personal profile. In this way, people who enter your profile will be able to touch this link and start following you on your page.

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