How to install YouTube on your Nintendo Switch

Next, you will be able to learn how to install the YouTube application on your Nintendo Switch console. It is not something very easy as you think, since this console does not have an operating system that includes these new applications of streaming services such as Netflix or to be able to navigate as is normally done from a mobile, tablet or even another video game.

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  1. How to download YouTube to your Nintendo Switch from the eShop?
  2. How to view the download progress using the HOME menu?
  3. How to navigate within YouTube with your OLED Switch?
    1. Moving with L and R
    2. To watch a video or go back
  4. What to do to properly close the application and not stay in the background?
  5. How to fix error 2-ARVHA-0000 if it appears when trying to use YouTube?

How to download YouTube to your Nintendo Switch from the eShop?

To start the YouTube installation, turn on the console and go to its app store, which is called eShop. After this, you must select the user to whom you want to download the application or, failing that, if it is the only one registered, you must also select it. There on the left side you can place the name of ‘YouTube’ in the search bar that appears in this menu.

Once the application appears in the store, then you must click on it to open there and then press the buy button, then you must wait until it completely downloads and notifies you ‘purchased’. Now what remains is that you exit the eShop and go to the main menu of the console and look for the YouTube icon that should appear among the downloaded applications, enter it and voila, you can use it normally.

How to view the download progress using the HOME menu?

Having a knowledge about how you can download YouTube from the application store of your Nintendo Switch Oled, you should also know how to see the download progress of it. For this you can stay inside the eShop, although another option that you have is that you can observe it from the Home or home screen of the console, this is done by going to the beginning and there will be the installed applications and those that are in download, then When you watch YouTube there, you will see a line at the bottom that is loading little by little (thus showing the download of the app).

How to navigate within YouTube with your OLED Switch?

It is really very easy to use the application from this type of device, because you have multiple options with which you can navigate within the app, either through touch operation or even by applying specific keys that are part of the system command. the same Nintendo console. That is why we will explain how this platform is used through the modalities in which you can use it, in order to make it much more comfortable for you.

Moving with L and R

Now, the two keys that you see on the console at the top, which we know as L and R, with them will allow you to scroll within YouTube (they are also useful for taking screenshots ), this means that you will be able to see the main menu, see the recommendations that there are for you, you can even observe what you were seeing and everything else, but it will only serve to mobilize, since with these keys you cannot start playing any video.

To watch a video or go back

In these cases, you can use the normal command of the letters A, B, X and Y or the arrows to be able to move around the entire application, going from one place to another without restrictions of any kind. When you go to play a video you just have to mark with the A to start playing, but also with this same key you can pause and play whenever you want.

If it is a question of returning to the previous video we were watching, then you must indicate with the arrow that you want to go back, there you will see the option to go back, but if you pause the video, there will be the options to go to the previous video or else , the recommendations of what you can continue to see.

What to do to properly close the application and not stay in the background?

  • When you finish using YouTube you must close it, in principle you need to press the HOME button to pause it
  • Then when you are at the beginning, you select the application and press the X button(remember that this works in applications you were using)
  • Finally, you must click close the program so that it does not remain running in the background (this method works for other apps and games such as Fortnite )

How to fix error 2-ARVHA-0000 if it appears when trying to use YouTube?

In case, due to some situation, the error 2-ARVHA-0000 appears on your console while trying to watch YouTube on the Nintendo Switch Oled, you should try to take measures to solve it. For sure, we cannot tell you what causes the error to appear, but in most cases it can be due to problems with the internet connection, some change in the device settings or the application itself.

To solve the error, you can first check the connection you have with the Wi-Fi network, here it may happen that you do not have internet, that they have changed the password and you do not know it or there is not enough signal to the console. On the other hand, you must verify that the date, time and time zone are given correctly, otherwise, a corresponding adjustment is required as the case may be.

The other alternative that you can apply is to completely remove the application from the device, wait a couple of minutes and then reinstall it. However, in the event that none of the aforementioned solutions are an effective response to your problem, you may then require the attention of a specialist technician or you should contact YouTube technical support, describe your problem and await their help.

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