How to install Plex to watch movies on Amazon Fire TV

Now it is possible to transform your conventional television into a Smart TV! How? With Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick. These devices allow you to access tons of content; however, they are usually limited to Amazon content. Fortunately, this can be expanded if you learn how to install Plex to watch movies on Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick.

This will give you many more content options, as Plex is a streaming service with access to many international channels and a large catalog of movies. With this excellent service, you will be able to boost the performance of your Fire TV with quality and quantity entertainment ; all in simple steps that will make your life easier.

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  1. What should be done to configure Plex Media Server?
  2. How is Plex downloaded to Fire Stick TV or TV Stick?
    1. On the main screen of Fire Stick TV
    2. From the web
  3. How to link a Plex account to access its content?
  4. How are more channels added to Plex?

What should be done to configure Plex Media Server?

The Plex service allows you to connect several devices within the same wireless network to play all kinds of multimedia content. Thanks to its functionalities, it can also be programmed to add television channels and change the compilation of the Amazon Fire Stick . But for this, it needs to be configured correctly.

After you have downloaded and installed Plex Media Server on your computer and create a Plex account, you must assign the server settings ; the computer will act as the primary server for streaming content on Plex. Name the server and add any local or online content libraries you want to include.

You can find all the content available in Plex organized into categories to facilitate its use. Thus, you can create your collection of movies, series, television shows and music , among other options. When you finish selecting the content of your library, grant the pertinent permissions to the Plex server and you will have finished the configuration.

How is Plex downloaded to Fire Stick TV or TV Stick?

With the Plex server configured and activated, you need to download the application on your device to start streaming content from the server. While the computer acts as a transmitter, the application will serve as a receiver for the signal sent by the server, allowing you to play content on any mobile device.

With Fire OS running, the Fire Stick TV can connect to the app store to download Plex . After that, you just have to log in to the account you created previously and link the device; it will then sync with your computer’s server to allow you instant streaming.

To complete the process successfully, you can use the Fire Stick interface or do it from the Plex website. It is a very simple procedure that will enable the use of the application on your Amazon Fire TV. Learn how to download and set up Plex on Fire Stick TV to stream more content.

On the main screen of Fire Stick TV

In the start menu, you can explore the recommended apps section , where you can find Plex. If it does not appear among the highlighted ones, you will have to search for the application manually in the list of applications or in the different categories displayed on the Fire Stick TV and, when you find it, press the ‘Download’ button.

After finishing the installation, you must accept the Plex settings or permissions . Enter your Plex credentials and complete the account pairing with the device. Once this is done, the Plex interface will open access to all the content of your computer’s personalized library.

From the web

If you cannot find the application in the main interface, you will have to install it through a third-party application, that is, download it manually. Follow the path ‘Settings’> ‘My Fire TV’> ‘Developer options’. It enables the installation of unknown sources to be able to install the application from its executable file.

Enter the ‘Utilities’ menu and use a browser to access the official Plex website and download the Fire TV version of its application . Once installed, it will direct you to account linking. After completing the process, you will return to the Fire Stick TV home interface to start enjoying everything that Plex has to offer.

How to link a Plex account to access its content?

Before accessing the Plex features on your Amazon Fire TV, you must link your account with the device. To do this, your device must be connected to the same wireless network as your server. Also, you must be logged in on your computer while logging in through Fire Stick TV.

A code will appear on the screen; You just have to enter it on your computer to link the device with the account and synchronize the application with your library. Pairing is only done once, so you won’t need to repeat the process later for that device. By completing these steps, you will be able to access endless varied content from your Amazon Fire TV.

How are more channels added to Plex?

The great attraction of Plex is its integration of a multitude of platforms and servers; For example, you can add the popular Netflix service to watch movies and series in streaming or Spotify to enjoy its immense music library from your Amazon Fire TV. Likewise, you can add new channels to your compilation database.

Some channel collections will come pre-installed by default in the application, but you can add more from the ‘Channels’ category , where you can examine all the available options and add them to your list by pressing the ‘Install’ button. You can visit your list of channels to sort them and eliminate those that you don’t usually watch frequently.

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