How to install Linux Lite alongside Windows on the same PC

Computers are truly incredible tools. Both with these teams and with many others linked to the field of technology, the tricks or possible methods for carrying out various activities or actions advance.

However, there are tricks that not many people know , but that, nevertheless, are in the light of the internet and you can get it for the sole purpose of searching. So, if you have ever asked yourself the question of whether it is possible, for example, to maintain two different operating systems on the same computer, here you will get the answer.

Two operating systems, one computer

It is very common for most people to think that two different operating systems cannot coexist on the same computer. One of the reasons is that this could impair the proper functioning of the computer, which is relatively true, depending on the way in which you proceed.

What systems to combine?

Two of the three most used operating systems in the world. Almost 90% of computers worldwide have Windows in any of its versions, be it the most recent or the oldest, while, on the podium, Linux is the third most used operating system.

Each one has different characteristics and tools that you can make the most of for whatever objective you set for yourself.

What do you need for both operating systems?

First, you must choose which version of each operating system you want to include on your computer. Among those that can stand out, on the part of Windows, of course, is Windows 10, while, on the part of Linux, the Linux Lite distribution has strongly attracted attention.

Based on the characteristics of your computer, you can choose between these and other versions to install them. Your hard drive, on the other hand, should have enough space to house both operating systems .

After all, what will be done here will be a partition of that disk to create a boot of each operating system. Windows will surely take up most of the space.

Finally, download the ISO file belonging to the operating system you want to install. Similarly, you must have a USB device and an application that allows you to prepare it as a boot device .

First steps to install Linux Lite alongside Windows

Now is the time to begin the procedure to install Windows and Linux Lite on your computer, ready? Follow the instructions below.

Hard drive partition

If you already have Windows installed on your computer, you will have to make a little hole for Linux. To do this, enter the Windows disk manager and follow these instructions:

  • Select your hard drive, right click on it and select the option “Reduce volume”.
  • Indicate how much space you want to reduce (expressed only in MB) in the window that will be displayed and click on “Reduce”.
  • The black space that will be displayed in the disk manager corresponds to the sector of the disk that is not partitioned.
  • Perform the necessary procedure to turn your USB into a bootable device for the second operating system, at this point, the steps will, of course, change based on the program you have chosen . One of the most recommended is Rufus .

The moment of truth

After completing the steps outlined above, it is time to begin the boot process . Turn off your computer, connect the USB device and proceed to turn on the equipment.

  • Press the key that corresponds to the boot device selection, which is usually F12, but it might change. You must press this key repeatedly and immediately as soon as you turn on the computer.
  • Select the language and begin the installation of the operating system.
  • At some point in the process, you will appreciate the option to install Linux Lite alongside Windows, an option that you will check and continue with the installation normally.
  • Upon reaching the “installation type” section, create the partition that will be assigned to Linux Lite.

Enjoy both operating systems!

The process may be a bit more extensive than what is shown here, but it is really simple . In this easy and practical way, you can enjoy these very important operating systems on your computer.


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