How does inDriver work?

Taking public transport can be somewhat complicated for people who are visiting a city they do not know very well, or too slow for those who maintain a fast pace of life, either for academic or work reasons, and who need to a more effective means of transportation .

Technological advances and the systematization of services have also impacted the transport sector. How? Of course, through the development of web applications or for mobile devices, among which Uber stands out.

But … What if we talk a little about inDriver?

Without a doubt, Uber has caused different companies to want to follow in its footsteps, being a serious competition by offering a quality transportation service . But, if you are looking for alternatives, inDriver is ideal for you.


It is an application corresponding to a Russian transport company founded in 2013 and which has not been slow to expand throughout the European, Asian and American continents, being found in 31 countries and having about 50 million users.

From local ingenuity to international competition

InDriver has a peculiar way of operating: its users are the ones who define the price of their trips . In fact, that’s how this company originated, when Yakustk was at minus 45 ° C during the New Years holidays, private transport workers raised their rates to double.

Given the disagreement of the inhabitants of that city who needed to move to other sites, users began to create a group through social networks: Independent Drivers .

Its rapid expansion

The group worked as follows: users offered a rate for a trip and, if one of the many drivers was okay with it, they simply took the order and performed the service. It only took six months for the group to have more than 60,000 people and other pests more for the mobile application to emerge.

Today, inDriver has more than 400 employees and is present in more than 300 cities and 31 countries around the world, managing to make a space as one of the most recommended transport services , winning the award for “The essential application of all days ”of Google Play in Brazil in 2019.

How does inDriver work?

The application is available for Android and iOS mobile devices . Once you have installed it on your Smartphone, it is time to configure it and provide the required information to start using it.

  • Enter your phone number.
  • Grant the corresponding permission to access your location, to be more precise when locating taxi drivers and that they, in turn, know as accurately as possible where you are.
  • Set up your profile, so the drivers in charge of making the trip you need can identify you.

In search of the ideal price

Once you have taken your first steps in this incredible application, the moment of truth arrives: bid. To do this, you ‘ll use the tools inDriver to trace the route you need , indicating, of course, the starting point and the destination point, also indicating the price you are willing to pay.

The inDriver community of drivers may accept your offer or make a counter offer . Once someone has taken your order, you will be told how long the driver will be there to pick you up.

Payment methods: can I pay by card?

Something that is striking about this application is that, within its configuration tools, it does not have a section for payment methods … why?

The reason is very simple, the same inDriver platform stands out as one of its best qualities the fact that there are no intermediaries and their commissions are low. Therefore, to avoid the collection of bank commissions, they do not include the possibility of paying by debit or credit cards .

Do you dare to use inDriver?

This is an application with an extraordinarily simple interface, the quality of the service is guaranteed and it just waits for you to start enjoying how incredible this application can get… you won’t be able to live without it!


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