How to insert programming source code into a Word document

Microsoft Word is a very useful writing tool, in recent years thanks to the great features it brings. From creating texts, web articles, monographs among other works, that can be used in the area of ​​files and labor documents. So in this article we will explain how to use a Microsoft Word document to insert or copy source code.

On the other hand, Word allows you to insert audio and music files , and other tools that can further enrich the writing of a document. Not only can it be written, it also allows people who work with programming to access its many functions .

Can you insert source codes into a Word document?

If you work as a programmer or software developer, you could use Microsoft Word technical support for your work. However, it must be recognized that in a Word file it will not allow you to create source codes, but you will be able to copy them onto a sheet in Word .

What problems will you have when using source code?

Programmers often write or create software programs using a coded language that includes Java, C ++, HTML in their work. These produce specific instructions that are recognized as source code groups, which are notably not visible to internet users. But this does not mean that it cannot be printed in a Word format to have a visible presentation of your work.

Sure, pasting source code into a Word file can give you a memory error . This also includes a reformatting of the text , and a continuous creation of links, adding to these annoying spelling errors in the copied file.

But do not worry, we will explain in a simple way how you can insert a programming source code into a Word document quickly and safely.

What to do to paste the code in Word?

To avoid the frequent errors that occur when pasting source code, we recommend that you paste the source code into a different document window . Here are the steps you need to carefully follow in order to insert the code into a Word file successfully.

  • Have a second document in a file open in Word.
  • You will do this by opening a document in Microsoft Word.
  • Left click on the “Insert in the ribbon” tab.

Note: To display the developer tab in Word you must activate it so that it is added to the Word ribbon.

  • Then you will click on the “Object” option on the right side of the ribbon.
  • Click on « Microsoft Word Document «, to ensure that «Show» as icon is not checked.
  • Click “OK” so that you can open a new document window with the file name and save it to documents.
  • In the document that has the title, that you have put, copy and paste the source code , the errors that it presents will be ignored. As long as the document is inserted as an original and not on another Word document that you have open on your computer.
  • In the upper left a window called “File” appears, click on it.
  • When you open a list will appear on the left, you will look for the tab that says “Save as”, click on it, so that the changes are saved.
  • Once you save successfully, close the document, when you do it, the source code will appear at the top.
  • Click to see the HTML source code of the web page , to select it.
  • Copy and paste where you want the final document to appear.
  • Once done, resume work on the main document.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to copy and paste the source code you want into a Word document . Note that this may work for one code page only and not for copying and pasting multiple codes.


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