How to search and find a specific URL on Google

Using a browser to perform your searches on the internet is a very common practice in these modern times. But the reach that Google has had as the browser par excellence has no doubt. And it’s so natural to type in any term and receive an address that matches our search. This is why we will teach you how to search and find a specific URL on Google.

But believe it or not, to be able to carry out an effective search on the internet and not receive results that do not have the precise focus. It is necessary to filter or have the specific address and not receive suggestions that have nothing to do with what really interests you. But the Google search engine has options that you may not know about yet.

These can provide you with the exact result you want and not waste your valuable time looking for an address, without finding what you expect. As you can see, there are many options that we still do not know about in our Google search engine, such as deleting and removing suggestions from the search bar.

How to search and find a specific URL on Google

It is important that we recognize that we do not know how to make proper use of the Google browser and much less, we know the different advanced search options that it has. But that guarantees us knowing how to carry out a search, because we will not only find what we are specifically looking for, but we also save time for other tasks.

Although we know that Google has one of the most successful predictive methods among the different browsers that exist. You will not always get the matches you are looking for and for this reason you must apply techniques that allow it. For example, focus on remembering the specific domain and no other details will be necessary.

Some techniques for searching and finding a URL

These are one of the ways to add filters to your searches and give Google a better chance of hits. Remember that there are millions of websites, which the search engine must process and deliver the result you want. This can teach you, as efficiently as it works, so that the page you are looking for is at your fingertips.

The more specific we are, the better results we will obtain in our search in the Google browser. For example, if you want to receive results from a web page that contains the following domain, add this term in your search so that you get the pages that match it, this is a way to filter and be more specific.

So if you can figure it out , you will only receive as a match those pages that contain the term or domain , of course there are what are called subdomains and if we also add these in our search, we will be more specific. You realize that if it is possible to refine a search and get the desired result.

Of course it is possible to further refine your searches, you can focus on just a given subdomain. For example, stuffed animals and this search will return only the websites that contain stuffed animals from the site. Of course this is a simple example, but if you want to search large web pages, this technique will save you a lot of time.

We can also apply some advanced search techniques in cases that you still cannot find what you are looking for. One of them is to write phrases that have to do with the website and believe it or not it is one of the most used techniques, to find exactly what we are looking for and that is by writing a specific frequency. But it is also important to know if this page is secure .

If you remember a phrase that you read on the site in question, it is important that you enclose it in quotation marks. And if you can remember the domain to which it belongs, add it to the search as well, so that you are offered a more specific result. Since you will be offered pages in the result that contain the phrase that you have included in the search.

As you can see, there are suitable ways to find what we want without wasting time. And in this article you have learned in a very simple way how to search and find a specific URL in Google.

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