How to increase the WIFI signal of an Android device?

Nowadays having a mobile device is essential for the development of our daily activities , especially those related to the internet, that is why having a good connection is important. And In this section of technological information we will explain how to increase the WIFI signal of your Android and iPhone mobile or cell

A large number of users or people find it overwhelming that their device does not have a good connection to wireless networks , since they make daily use of them.

But it is not to worry because there are some methods to increase the WIFI signal of a mobile cell phone, and below we will show you a series of simple steps that you can apply to solve this annoying problem.

We hope in advance that this guide article can be of great help to all users who want to improve their WIFI network signal, either on their Android or iPhone. Remember that we do our best to help you find solutions!

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  1. How to improve the WiFi connection
  2. How to increase the WIFI signal of an Android device?
  3. How to increase the WIFI signal of a ¡Phone device?
  4. How to identify where the WiFi signal is strongest
  5. What types of tricks can I use to perform better?
    1. Apps to improve internet performance
    2. How should I configure the network?
    3. Clean your device

How to improve the WiFi connection

Before starting with the series of steps to follow, it is necessary to bear in mind that the quality of the result will depend on various factors such as the device model, since the older it is, the more difficult it will be to increase the signal.

The distance between the router and the device influences the connection and you will wonder how to correctly position the WIFI antenna , since the signal emitted by the router has a certain range. Likewise, the speed of the internet directly affects the quality of the connection.

Depending on the type of device that we have, the steps will be different, this is because both Android and iPhone do not have the same system. Here we will explain in detail step by step from the different mobile devices how to improve the WIFI signal.

How to increase the WIFI signal of an Android device?

If your Android phone is not having the internet signal you expected and you want to increase it, we understand that you are upset about it, but do not worry, you came to the correct article for you.

Although it is likely that after performing these steps you will not have any more problems with the network quality, there could be certain failures in the device such as that the WIFI is disconnected only on Android , but it also has a solution.

Currently the Android system has generated a large amount of demand in the market by users worldwide, and it is a very complete system and generally does not have any problems. Therefore, an inclusion of a method to increase the signal would not be bad at all.

The main step is to go to mobile settings, at the bottom, right near the system click on developer option and activate the option. Then locate and press the option that says enable detailed WIFI logging.

And most important of all, it activates the connection hardware acceleration through a portable device. You will automatically be able to see that the bar of your WIFI signal will have increased.

How to increase the WIFI signal of a ¡Phone device?

From the moment the mobile telephony characterized by the apple is launched on the market, it has managed to position itself at the top of sales for its high quality and prestige. However, if the mobile device disconnects from the WIFI make sure to troubleshoot before following these steps.

And if you are one of the users attracted by Apple and you want to know how to increase the WIFI signal on your device, here is the ideal place to learn it, it is very simple, just write down these steps.

Locate the settings on your device, click on WIFI settings , it will immediately direct you to the wireless networks that are available, you will see an icon with an exclamation point that you will click on your network. And press renew concession. Then restart your device

On the other hand, it is possible to increase your WIFI signal by deactivating data saving , since this tool reduces and reserves the quality and quantity of connection data between the router and the device.

How to identify where the WiFi signal is strongest

The strength of the WIFI signal is measured in dBm (Decibel-milliwatt), this is the unit used by smartphones and all devices that receive a wireless signal. The best signal intensity should be between -50 and -100 dBM, if the signal detects that this value goes from -100dBM onwards, this represents that the signal intensity is less strong.

In order to see these values ​​on our Android phone, we can recommend you to use the Network Signal Info application, available in the Play Store and in the Apple store, this is an excellent tool that will provide you with very detailed reports on WIFI networks, it only requires that your device has Android from version 4.1 onwards and it is totally free. To access its functions you just have to install it on your terminal and by sliding the home screen of the app to the left and find the “Wireless” tab and in it you will find the exact values ​​of the strength of the WIFI signal, as you As you move with your phone, you will be able to identify exactly where the signal has the best performance and coverage for your mobile.

What types of tricks can I use to perform better?

Having a good internet connection at present is vital for the proper functioning of our mobiles, practically all the apps that we use daily require a good internet connection , below, we will show you some of the tricks that are available to everyone to be able to improve the performance of your mobile phone connection.

Apps to improve internet performance

In both the Google Play Store and the App Store there are hundreds of apps designed to help improve the performance of the mobile internet connection, among them we can mention some that we have analyzed for you and thus offer you detailed information so that, if you do, wish, you can put them to the test.

  • Fing:The main function of this app is to analyze the Wi-Fi where you are connected to give you a report of which devices are currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network, in this way you will be able to know if there is an unauthorized person that is connected illegally or without authorization, which translates into a loss of speed in your connection.
  • WiFi Analyzer:This is an app that analyzes the broadcast spectrum of WIFI networks and shows us the channels in which our connection is working. This will help us to know if the channel on which the internet signal is being broadcast is saturated and in this way, access the configuration of our router and change that channel to one that is freer.

How should I configure the network?

If you are sure that there are no intruders on your WIFI network and you still want to optimize your internet connection a bit more, we recommend making an optimal network configuration to improve the connection, you must first access the configuration of your device, then access to the option “Mobile Data”, then “Mobile Networks” and access to “Network Mode”. Once there you will realize that you can choose the network mode , make sure you have selected the “Preferred network mode: 2G, 3G, LTE, automatic”. By configuring it this way, you will ensure that you take full advantage of the bandwidth of your internet connection.

Clean your device

Another thing you can do to improve your connection is to clean your device, especially uninstalling the apps that you don’t use or those widgets that are not of great importance to you , since all these elements may be consuming mobile data in seconds of your internet plan and you will not know when this happens. THE easiest way to remove a widget from your mobile is by pressing and holding the one you want to remove and dragging the remove icon, which normally appears at the top of the screen when you hold it down for more than 2 seconds.

Make sure to delete those applications that you do not use and it would also be advisable to disable those that are factory installed and cannot be uninstalled. All these steps will help in some way to improve your signal and connection on your mobile, we hope they will be of benefit to you.

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